The magic of playing with a phone seductress..

A phone seductress knows your dirty little secrets.. She’ll play with them and tease you like a cat playing with a mouse. All those dirty fantasies crawling around in your head need a release, baby. All the things you daydream of at night but won’t have the balls to ask your girl to try for you.. or even worse, you might get the guts to finally ask, and she could shut you down.. but I won’t. I’ll make it all my little game. The setup, the toying, and the kill. You’re my naughty little prey. I want you in your bed, ready and waiting. Clothes strewn on the floor, hand stroking dangerously close to your cock, just enough to get it riled up, but not enough to satisfy it. And that’s when you see me at the door, leaning up against the frame so sly, showing off every curve, but hiding all the juicy details under black lace. The corset and panties really do it justice, but my voice has you hanging on every word, waiting for me to draw in closer and let the pieces fall.

I’ll let them fall so slowly, making you relish in every juicy detail.. And my voice, so innocent and sweet, gets a little darker, smoother, filling with lust. I want you, just as you want to be close enough to taste it, to feel it. I run my fingertips down your chest slowly, letting you feel their softness, only to let my nails take over and make it rough. I’m a cat playing with its prey, baby. I want my lips on your neck, kissing softly only to lead it into a bite. I’m a phone seductress in every naughty little way you can imagine.. Every wicked little fantasy, the things you daydream of. Whether I’ll be your naughty little girl or the neighbor’s wife that just keeps giving you those bedroom eyes.. Let my imagination take control, and let me take you for a ride.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali