Whisper In My Ear All Your Dirty, Taboo Phone Confessions

We all have them. Those dark, perverse desires that we keep to ourselves. So depraved that we keep them tucked away from all, sure that you would be branded a sexual deviant if anyone found out.  I understand this. I have them too. Like you, I need an outlet for my urges. Like you, I need a venue for my darker needs. That’s why I know about phone confessions. Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.

I bet you have such delicious taboo lusts. I want to hear all your phone confessions. You can start with the one about your daughter. Tell me all about that time you watched your teenage daughter fingering herself.  And how she came so hard she had to stuff her own soiled panties into her salivating little mouth.

How she tried to muffle her blissful screams as she fell back against the frilly ruffled pillows.

And then you can tell me how you watched her as she succumbs to the most ravaging orgasm you had ever witnessed a female experience.  All while she writhed and squirmed on her pink girlie bed.

And please, don’t leave out the part that you vigorously stroked and jerked your ragingly horny cock as you lecherously lusted after that sweet beautiful child of your own creation, as you leaned helplessly against her bedroom door, suspiciously left ajar by that not-so-innocent budding woman (with needs).

And… before we move on to more wicked words of a naughty nature… please… do tell me, how watching her and stroking “you”.  How that one sinfully single act, made you cum with such sweet intensity, that you nearly passed out from the strain that was put on your oh-so-naughty heart.  I’m getting so wet myself, just from our “climatic” conversation.


You want to chat a little more?  I know I do… so pick up your phone, and give me a call for some off-the-hook phone confessions phone sex.

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