Phim sex is only for the pussy whipped

Phim sex is the only way guys like you will get pussy.  I don’t allow my husband to make any kind of decisions in bed.  He got used to saying ‘yes, dear’ a loooong time ago.

“You know the drill, don’t you honey?  I cum first.  Always.  When I enter that bedroom, you’re on your knees, making your face ready to be sat on.  Which hole will I require you to pleasure?  That depends on my mood.  Either way, you’d better learn to love making them happy.”

How it should always be

My husband would be wearing whatever I pick out for him.  Sometimes I want him to wear nothing, sometimes I want him to wear panties and/or stockings, and sometimes I want him to wear MY used panties or stockings.  He should feel very lucky on those occasions to have his cock brush up against my cunt juice.  I’ve taken pictures of him in said attire for my own purposes but haven’t used them…yet.  I like knowing that he knows that, at any point — especially if he displeases me — I could choose to whip them out at gatherings with his friends and co-workers, showing off how cute his ass is in them and how much he loves wearing them based on how hard his cock clearly is in those pictures.  This keeps him on his toes.

If I only cum once on my husband’s tongue, then he’s failed me and doesn’t deserve to cum at all.  But, if I do happen to get all that I deserve from his performance, he’s allowed to stroke himself while fulfilling his duty.  If I’m really pleased with him, he might even gain entry.  Might.  My pussy is sacred and is reserved for only the most deserving cocks.  My husband knows very well that his size puts him at a disadvantage.  But, when he tastes my pussy and finds a little surprise, he knows that I’ve found someone else to help me forgive him for that.

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