So last night one of my older guy-friends whose a die hard robin williams fan decided that he would show me the peter pan movie that williams did! I’d never seen it before, it’s called Hook. So in the movie peter it grown up and Hook steals his kids and he has to go rescue them from him! But I was totally stuck on that fact the Peter Pan was a Granny lover! See Peter visits Wendy every spring and whisks her away to Never Never Land and Wendy just keeps getting older and Wendy is Peter’s first girlfriend and you never ever forget your first love!

Peter always holds a torch for his first girlfriend even though she’s so much older, the longing looks, those clingy touches she still gives him, the soft spot Peter has in his heart for her! Even though Peter settled for Wendy’s granddaughter (at the behest of Wendy telling him that he couldn’t whisk her away to Never Never Land) it’s still obvious the romantic underlining tension. Makes me wonder if Wendy was jealous of her granddaughter for getting her man?

Something so innocent with such sexy undertones 😉 I just really really had to share! Are any of you in love with an older women and just settling for the younger model? If I was older would I be your kind of GILF?  I think you should share your dirty secret with me I would love to hear it!



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