Dear Pig Boy,

Oh, what a good little pay pig!  Nothing makes me happier than having you under my thumb.  I love how our relationship has grown to the point you are completely dependent on me to direct your every move.  This month,  you couldn’t even work out your budget without my direction.  The sounds of your physical discomfort is enjoyable, but the thought that I can cause you discomfort in ALL aspects of your life is even more pleasurable!

  I’m so happy you gave me access to your bank accounts.  That will make this whole process so much easier.  First things first,  I want to make sure all my little piglet’s bills are paid up.   What use are you if you’re homeless?   Now, that grocery budget… We will cut that shit in half!   Little piggies eat Ramen and they like it!   As for going out with your friends… What friends.  I’m your friend, your family, and your boss now.  That leaves you with you savings account.  Doesn’t it look LARGER now that I’m here to help you?   To thank me, you will split your monthly saving in half; half for you, half for me.

  Please don’t try and pull any slick shit like putting money aside for yourself.

 I can now see your paychecks and I know what you are worth.  Let’s also keep in mind that over the period of our relationship you have provided me with EVERYTHING I need to ruin you with the click of a button.   We wouldn’t want your boss to see those pictures you sent me in your favorite frilly panties would we?  I didn’t think so.  Also keep in mind that I’m helping you.  I’m not going to let you go cold, hungry, or lonely.  At the end of the day, I care about my piggy and my piggy cares about his Mistress.

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