Adriana & Her Perverted Uncle Have Fun When No One Is Around

My perverted uncle was around that day after I came home from school. There was no one else around so I figured I would mess with him. Little did I know he would actually do every I would tell him to. When I arrived I was not wearing my school uniform anymore. I had on a pair of super tight jeans and of course, my favorite pair of red hot high heels. When he say me come onto the door I knew I’d be able to mess with him.

I strut past him and asked if we were alone. He said yes. I told him straight up. I told him just how I knew how much he want it to touch me. Even though it was wrong. He was very nervous and giggled a lot. Which I found odd. I lied to him a little bit. I told him yes, indeed I want it him too but only if he did a few things. He obviously agreed.

I ordered him to get on his knees right in front of me. I put my foot right on his chest and told him to kiss my high heel. He did and I could see in his pants just how much he want it to do more. My perverted uncle loved kissing my feet too, just after he took my shoes off. He sucked on my toes and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The question was, should I let him do more?

After I took off my jeans I made him beg to taste my little young pussy. He ate my cunt. I came so good and made him lick me clean. My perverted uncle did not get to fuck my pussy, or even show me his cock. Maybe next time I’ll let him do a bit more.


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