Perverted Old Man: I Called Him To Help Get My Friend An Apartment

Perverted old man thinks that he can just keep a great apartment from my friend? I don’t think so! My friend gave me his number so I decided to make him an offer. And he just couldn’t refuse it.

My friend has been looking for a new place to live and can’t seem to find the right one. She’s searched all over town and finally found one that seems like a great fit. So, she picks me up and then we head on over to check it out. She is so excited that she can barely hold still.

We pull up to the apartment and check out the neighborhood and the building and all look fantastic. Then the owner pulls up in his pick-up truck and overalls, smoking a cigarette. We laugh quietly and then walk up to him at the front door. He unlocks it and we walk in and we hear him go “Mmm, mmm!”

So, we just kind of brush it off and look around the whole place. There’s plenty of light, it’s got a big kitchen, and plenty of space for her big dog to play in the backyard. The old man hands my friend some paperwork to look at so she does by bending over onto the counter and reading. The man then says “If ya don’t mind me saying, little missy. You sure have one fiiiiine ass.”

My friend shoots straight up and says “Excuse me?”

The perverted old man then says “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind taking a picture of it to jack off to later!” My eyes get wide but I know how perverted men can be. She, on the other hand, says “Sir, I am here to look at the apartment and pay you money. Do you really think that you should be speaking to me in that way? It’s quite rude.”

He angrily rips the papers from her hands and says “Well, I don’t like that tone of voice, miss!” My friend stands there looking like a fish with her mouth wide open. He then says “I don’t think you really want this here apartment that bad. So, go on, GIT!”

We argue as we shuffle out of the door and get into the car. She grips the steering wheel tightly as she drives me home. I say “Honey, that perverted old man had no right to treat you that way.” She says with a tear in her eye, “I know. I am a lady.”

When we park in front of my house I have an epiphany. “Yes! I’ve got it! Give me his number and I will call him and tell him he is going to give you that apartment.”

“Bee, he isn’t going to. Come on.” So, I grab her phone and unlock it with her thumb. I take his number in my phone and tell my friend goodbye and I will call her later. Then I start dialing that perverted old man on my phone.

I sexily say “Hello, this is Bailey, my friend and I just looked at that gorgeous apartment a few minutes ago.

I would like to apologize for any trouble and would like a word with you.” He reluctantly said “Fine. Shoot.” I tell him my friend isn’t used to a perverted old man like himself and that I was definitely not and would love to get him to sit back on his favorite chair and listen to me.

He says okay and sits down, I hear him struggle a bit and then he says “Alright, miss. What have you got to say.” I say “Well, I couldn’t help but notice you sure do like pretty, round asses so I am going to send you a nice picture of mine.” He says alright and I send him a picture of my behind.

He then says “Ooo-wee, miss. That is one fine ass.” I giggle and tell him to thank you and then start to provide him with the best phone sex he has ever had in his life. And what do you know, he agreed to give the apartment to my friend, and the next day she texted me to tell me he did.

All I really did was masturbate with him, let him hear me cum and he shot a huge load all for me. I do love a perverted old man! And this was a new way of me selling pussy for something!

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