STEP Into My Perverted Imagination And Cum With Me!!

Welcome to my perverted imagination! I was out shopping not too long ago, just minding my own business when out of the clear blue sky, a man walked up to me and asked if he could just take some pictures of my feet for an ad campaign he was working on. He told me that my feet were beautiful and that they would be perfect for the project. Flattered by his compliments, I decided to let him take pictures of my feet. Neither of us being fully aware of the other’s intentions, we were both surprised in the end to find out just how much we had in common with the dirty little secret we shared!

Soon after I agreed to the “photo shoot”, he immediately got down on his knees, took off my wedge sandals and began his photo session. The moment he was finished he looked up at me and asked a very odd question. He asked if it would be OK if he kissed my foot….my knee-jerk reaction was excitement and arousal, after all, I am a sucker for a man with a foot fetish, but I didn’t want to come across and freaky, so I declined at first. But there must have been something about the way I declined because the man looked at me square in my eye and asked a second time. I could feel my pussy begin to swell and my juices begin to escape my body and I knew I couldn’t resist.

He was like my kryptonite and I wasn’t going to be able to hold out for much longer.

Of course, just as Superman couldn’t maintain his strength when on the presence of kryptonite, I couldn’t either around this man, who had just asked me if he could kiss my feet. I mean I didn’t even know him, he was a perfect stranger and even that seemed to fuel my naughty desires. To be perfectly honest, the thought of this man kissing my feet, was very erotic…I imagined him sucking on my toes, rubbing my feet all over his face and his hard cock. As soon as I snapped out of my little daydream, I looked down at the man and simply nodded my head.

It was then that my mystery photographer, bent down while still on his knees and proceeded to innocently kiss my feet. It took everything I had, not to cream myself right then and there, but keep in mind….we were out in public, in the middle of a department store and I didn’t want to get either of us in trouble. With that being said, I quickly pulled away, slid on my sandals back on and I headed back towards the fitting room, making sure I was certain to give my mystery man THE eye! You know what look I am talking about, the look a woman gives when she wants her puppy doggy to follow and follow me he did!!

Once in the fitting room, he put all of his shit on the floor, got down and started to weave his tongue in between each and every one of my toes.

HOLY FUCK, the feeling of his wet warm mouth was excruciatingly pleasurable and HOT, HOT, HOT! I couldn’t get enough of him and that magical tongue of his. Just as I was about to hit my breaking point, he decided to take me out of my misery and without hesitation he……If you want those steamy details, give me a call and I will be glad to share with you all of the Perverted Imagination and then some!! Those detail will cum in the form of limitless phone sex, I can’t wait!

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