Perverted men what am I gonna do with you? I swear ya’ll can’t help moving the creep radar when you see a pretty face. You go from handsome ad normal to freakishly scary! I met one

perverted guy when I was 17. I lived in a small town in Nova Scotia. Anytime you walked somewhere you knew it was gonna be a haul. I didn’t mind however being offered rides since I typically knew everyone around.

I did my first mile in a snap, the second part of my next mile would be harder since it’s up hill. I saw headlights coming up behind me. I moved to the side just in case. The car slowed down to a crawl. The guy in the drives seat was actually a very handsome man in his 30’s from what I could see. He had short brown hair and big green eye’s. He looked pretty put together and had a gentle smile.

I didn’t give it much thought so I jumped in. Once we started driving we made small talk. I noticed his eye’s were stuck to my bare legs. I was getting a bit nervous. As handsome as he was, I could feel my skin goose bump. I hadn’t much experience with men yet. Just boys from school.

His hand touched my knee when I didn’t respond to his question.Perverted I stiffed when his hand moved up towards the end of my skirt. I couldn’t find my voice. My body went hot with fear. His hand pushed under the skirt and touched my panties.

I looked at the man with fear, probably more desperation at that point. I wanted him to stop. Mind you I did get a rush out of what was happening. The adrenaline was overwhelming. He nudged my legs open. I didn’t want him to get angry so I did.

His fingers slipped into my panties. I stared to close my legs at this point. The guy had his feel so now I was done being violated. Only he had something different in mind. Wanna find out what this perverted fuck did with me? Hit me up or wait until next week!

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