Personal damnation plagues me but, what a THRILL! His cock was even more impressive once I released it from its denim prison. Standing 10”, straight-up & hard as a fucking rock!  The head, so big I could barely fit it into my mouth!  But, you bet your ass I DID!

Licking the pre-cum off his purple head & swallowing as much as I could. All he could do was moan & before I had bounced my head up & down on his sweet man-meat more than 25-times.  He exploded a gigantic load of young cum into my mouth; so much that some escaped & dribbled down my throat, onto my breasts.

Insane with lust, I pushed him over to my chair & sat him down.

Hiking up my skirt, I placed my dripping pussy over his cock; & slowly, started to push it into my pussy. I’d never had a cock this big & there was a little pain.  I eased myself onto him and slid down until his balls rested against my labia. Delirious with passion, I started rocking my hips up & down at a faster pace; hearing only the sound of my sweet baby’s moans.

I could feel my orgasm building & his balls tightening to shoot another load into my cunt; when I heard a key in the classroom door.
“Miz. Sinclair!!!” our school principal, Mrs. Nimoy said, “What is going on in here?”
I knew the old prude hadn’t been laid in a generation but at that point, He exploded in my cunt and I squirted all over his cock, pants, the office chair, and I think some even hit Mrs. Nimoy!!! I now give away my Free Erotic Sex Stories Here!

I managed to stay out of jail, but now I teach at an all girl school without a stiff cock in sight.