Period Fetish: He Loves When It’s That Time of the Month!

Period fetish stories are sometimes frowned upon. Lots of people find menstruation to be disgusting and unsanitary. But, there are some men who just absolutely love periods. And I still remember my first time with a period lover.

I was about 25 when I met him. He will forever remain one of my favorite lovers and one of the best fucks that I have ever had. He was passionate and deep. Something I have never witnessed in a guy before.

He was 17 and if you have read some of my other stories know all about him. His name is Devin and he was the best I’ve had because I taught him everything he knows. Devin is a little weirdo without really knowing that he was since he was a virgin when we met. And I let him explore his sexual fantasies and fetishes with me.

We learned how much he loved ass and how he loved to fuck my tight little ass hard. Also how much he likes to be dominant and spank me. He just let his freak flag fly with me and I am forever thankful for that time with him. But, there was one thing I had no idea he liked.

He’d always liked blood.

Like if I nicked myself here or there he was always wanting to clean it up with his finger or tongue. And it was pretty damn hot to me. But, one day he really wanted to taste me. And it was more than just a tiny little cut.

We were home alone and watching TV. Which was fine since I was on my period and wasn’t about to get the bed all messy. I told Devin when he tried to make out with me on the couch but he just looked at me with wide eyes. He then took me to the bed and laid me down gently.

Devin began kissing my neck and biting a little, as he always did. Moved on down to my nipples and started sucking on them, making them hard. I let him do whatever he wanted to me since it felt so damn good. Next, he moved down and started pulling my shorts off.

I stop him from pulling them down further.

But, he persisted and pulled them all the way off. Next was my panties which he threw across his bedroom. Then he grabbed a towel and put it under me. He then spread my legs and grabbed a hold of my tampon string.

I couldn’t believe he was pulling my tampon out! What was happening?! He threw it into his bedroom trash can and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. Feeling his lips kiss all the way up my thighs I say “Oh my god. But, it’s messy!”

He shushes me and keeps going all the way up my thighs. Before I knew it he was at my pussy, spreading it with his tongue. Tasting my juices and blood. He whispers “Fuck I love the taste of your pussy… and I don’t want to stop just because there’s a little blood. I love it.”

I lie back and smile… letting him take care of my pussy for a good while.  He had a period fetish. And he loved eating things from my pussy and loved calling me names like Whipped Cream Pussy.

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