How Would You Like to Come Over for a Sexy Bachelor Party?

Who here has attended a sexy bachelor party? I’m sure we’ve all been to a sexy party at some point earlier in their lives, right?

How about a sexy bachelor party? Now that takes things over the top into a whole new realm of fun.

There was more that she didn’t tell me, like that this was a sexy bachelor party!

So, I had no idea that this party was to be a sexy bachelor party. Well, at first, I dragged my feet. I was not in the mood to go over for any party that night. Not to mention, I had other plans to go out and have some of my own fun.

I told Mimi that I would never forgive her. But I got ready anyway. She told me to wear my sexy black panties and bra as well as my stockings, heels, and black dress. I was secretly wondering under the surface what kind of party was this going to be.

The time was here!

I got the address from Mimi and went over. Next, I walked up to the door, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell. My heart was beating so fast.

When I stepped inside, I saw about twenty guys all dressed in their uniforms. I just about creamed my panties. All these studs were muscular, hot, hot, and did I mention before, hot? The really hot thing was they were all police officers, firefighters, military, and hot paramedics.

In short, the party went from fun to steamy very fast. I do have to say, I sure woke up the next day wondering if any of this was a dream.

The music started and I danced so sexily!

When the music started, I danced like everything depended on it. My friend did not coach me on how to dance. There was going to be something soft and squishy put into her panties later.

I went over to the lucky bachelor and danced for him. He grabbed me on his lap and started to touch my ass. I don’t remember this being part of the bargain. At first, I struggled, feeling a bit afraid, but super turned on too. His hands caressed my legs, and pinched my nipples through my dress.  My nipples hardened so quickly under his touch.  No wonder he wanted to have as much fun as possible.

The party really got hotter!

Well, I am proud to say I kissed each and every one of their sensual lips. The lucky bachelor took a special interest in teasing every inch of my neck. It drives me crazy when someone kisses over my whole body until my skin breaks out in goosebumps.

I tried to get ready to leave, but someone picked me up like I weighed nothing and took me to a nearby bedroom.

The guys started filing in so excited. Some of them had their big cocks pulled out already.  Now, I was once in a lesbian sex orgy, but this sexy bachelor party took the cake. There was to be no cake as I had now become their main dessert.

I lost count, but my pussy was licked so much I had a pool of cum under my ass.  My mouth was full of hard dick and sometimes two. My pussy was fucked by the lucky bachelor and his friends. Next, I was ordered to my knees and a guy put his cock into my ass. I felt a tongue under my wet pussy drinking all of the cum that dripped out of my swollen pussy.

I didn’t know I would be the star at the sexy bachelor party!

My body was so out of control. I wasn’t in the driver’s seat of this party. My body was doing naughty things for complete strangers, giving up its secrets.

So, I thought I’d dance, but not be the center of the show. My body was responding to all of the constant licking, fucking, tugging, nipple pinching, caresses. My body loved feeling each of their hands and dicks inside of me.

I remember how sore, but satisfied I was. I remembered more of the sexy bachelor party the next day after my hangover cleared. I’d love to share more of the night with you.


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