Ever wonder what it would be like to have a gorgeous woman submit to your every desire? Your every whim? Your every command? To feel THIS way about YOU?

“I am owned. My heart. My body. And especially my orgasm. I am NEVER allowed to release without his permission. It is only permitted WHEN he desires it, HOW he desires it, and as many TIMES as he desires it. Last night found me nude – wrists bound together with rope, then hoisted above my head and held there by the large industrial hook in the ceiling… ankle cuffs applied so that my legs were restrained as well as my wrists… spreader bar holding them apart so that my Owner has full access to all of my most intimate parts – all of which, of course, belong to Him. We hadn’t even started yet, and I could already feel the tension of the position working on my muscles – pulling… straining. Making my entire body ache to change position. But I was held FIRMLY in place, with nearly no slack in my bindings.
He had bound his eager submissive and then left her here. Tense. Expectant. Waiting.

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Your willing submissive,

Jenna Love
[email protected]