The Perfect Massage. Mmm Right There!

I exchanged my flowing summer dress for a white cotton towel, which I secured around my slender waist before I made my way into his conservatory, where his massage table rested under the gentle rays of sunlight that filtered through the frosted glass roof.

I had never visited a masseuse before, so I didn’t know quite what to expect. He was a younger man in his early twenties. He approached me with a polite smile spreading across his cheeks. “Please, make yourself comfortable,” he spoke softly, his voice itself massaging my ears, “Can I get you a drink?” I nodded, and he brought through a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. It tanged the back of my throat as I sipped from the brim of the glass. I positioned myself on the table.

He began to delve his hands into my back, instantly relieving the tension and stress in my joints.

After a short while, he tipped a cool, soothing, coconut-scented oil into his palm and began to rub it into my back. I tried to hide the fact that his masculine touch was beginning to turn me on, especially when he tickled my inner thigh, working his way up to my perky ass cheeks. I tried to stifle my sigh of pleasure, but my attempts to hide my moan proved futile.

Reacting quickly, he began to reach underneath me as I raised my hips slightly, allowing him to fondle my pussy lightly. His touch on my slit was as soothing as his touch on the rest of my body, and he began to massage my tender clit. I could feel him begin to climb onto the table. It was just wide enough for him to park his knees next to mine. I raised my hips just enough to allow him to mount me from behind.

With my face down and my ass up, he began to slide into me as my heart began to race.

Much to my delight, despite his gentle hands. He offered a much rougher fucking, repetitively stabbing my dripping pussy with his solid member.  Fucking him doggy style meant that he could ram his cock right into the roof of my vagina. I began to moan in pleasure as an orgasm blazed through my senses. I leaned forwards and gripped the steel perimeter of the table, balancing myself. My body began to tremble beneath the sexual power he held over me.

He began to pant, with a bead of sweat forming on his brow as he too reached the point of climax, gripping my shoulder tightly as he thrust his hips with venom. He pulled out of my cunt, and after teasing him for a few seconds. I crawled onto the laminated wooden floor, securing his erect member between my lips. Lightly but rapidly brushing it with my tongue as I pleasured him. Then allowed him to cum in my mouth, the thick, spicy liquid coating my throat as I swallowed it with a deep gulp.

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