A guy at the coffee shop reminds me of Mr. Grey. Of course, he is so sexy and together. Tall, handsome, and a killer suit to boot. Therefore, he has me on a perfect boyfriend search.

You know there are tons of guys on campus, but they aren’t at the level of a Mr. Grey. Most of them wear t-shirts and jeans all the time.  Additionally, to find a refined man, my search has to be more than on campus.

So, I have been looking on dating sites, and I see tons of businessmen. Some are total dorks, but others are truly good-looking. They also seem to have the attitude I need in a boyfriend.

For me, the perfect boyfriend search isn’t an easy undertaking.

If you have chatted with me on my hot phone sex, then you know I am a submissive girl. My men need to be dominant. Not just strong and strong-minded either.

They literally need to dominate and control me. I need a man that is willing to punish me when I am bad. Most guys are into a little spanking but they are not true dominants.

I need more out men as a sexy submissive blonde. So my perfect boyfriend search requires in-depth conversations and chat time. Of course, along the way, I am having some interesting sex.

Once I set up a coffee date, I definitely want to fuck them.

However, if they fail the test for all my needs, it is just a one-time fucking session. Sadly, they will not get another chance at this young fine pussy. And, I am honest with them.

Most of them seem fine with getting some pussy during my perfect boyfriend search and moving on. And, of course, they do. Have you seen how gorgeous I am? It is a gift to let them into my pants.

Although, when I get one that is good in bed, it is a gift for me too. The one I met tonight has a huge cock. After coffee, we went to his SUV and climbed in back.

I love car sex too!

We get completely naked and start fucking right there in the parking lot. He is so good with that dick, I kept climaxing again and again. And, he has the stamina of a stallion.

We do missionary, doggie style and I ride him like a proper cowgirl. What great fun during my perfect boyfriend search. After we have our fuck fest, I ask him again if he can learn to be my dominant. He says, he can try but not sure.

Of course, that means no to me. If he is that wishy-washy, there is no way he can be my dominant daddy. So, the search continues. I don’t mind searching as I am getting laid tons.

In time, I will get the right guy with my perfect boyfriend search.

I am not rushing as I want to get it right. Additionally, I am getting to fuck new and different types of guys during my search. And, I love fucking so, it is okay to take my time.

Are you my perfect boyfriend? Are you a strong man ready to dominate me as his submissive? Call me and let’s find out!