People having sex in public happens all the time, but how often do you actually see it?

People having sex and not even know they’re being watched by a pervert like me might be part of the thrill. I stumbled into seeing two drunk people have wild dirty sex late one night.

Seems public parks are a high hit if you ever wanna catch someone doing the dirty.

She was on her back with legs splayed wide open. Her lover was hungrily devouring her pussy. It was so wet I could hear the sloppy sucks and licks of his tongue from 15 feet away.

Her hand mashed his face in the sweet spot, I could see her back arch off the ground as he kept focus on her clit.

Her head thrashed silently from side to side as she reached her climax. I stood frozen watching these people having sex. It was hot and now I wanted, no needed my own release.

Pulling out my cell phone as quietly as I could, I snapped off a short video and texted it to a male friend I kept under sex phone numbers.

After I sent the video he called me and asked wtf I was doing. I confessed I was turned on watching them and proved it by putting my phone near my pussy and fingering my very wet hole.

I sent him phone sex videos of me playing with myself and capturing shots of the drunk guy getting his cock sucked.

Watching these people having sex put me in overdrive! I stuffed two fingers inside of myself and pumped.

I could hear my friend jerking off on the phone. His panting became as intense as mine was. Both of us were close to cumming. He could hear them having sex on the phone.

Time just right I came just as the guy took a final thrust into the noisy pussy. He tried to keep his victorious grunts low, but I could hear him clear as day. My phone sex buddy came soon after.

They never did see me, it was my dirty little secret that I was the pervert in the bushes masturbating to their hot moment together.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke