There’s nothing wrong with people having sex! Afterall, it’s how we each got here!  So, why do people cringe when PARENTS are brought up in a sexual way?  I mean, my own parents still go at it like teens in heat and I LOVE that about them.  Mom is who taught me that a good woman should keep her man’s balls DRAINED!  Of course, Mom still being a hottie helps.

I agree with Mom and have always handled my relationships the same way, but with a twist.  Sometimes, little twists that can change things up…for the better.  Mom just gives Dad missionary and blows him; and at their age, I suppose that still blows his…ummm mind.  But, I’m a whole new animal. Rrrrrrrwwww!

In the same way, I do believe that passion MUST be as big a factor in any sexual act as raw magnetism is.  As a matter of fact, connection may well be the apex of intercourse.  More than the longing, the passion, the actual fucking…there is some sort of connection.  So, when my man is with me, on the phone or in person, we connect like no others.

I wrap my tongue around yours in a kiss that shows you that every encounter will be the BEST one to date.  I strive to lick you, suck you, finger you, fuck you, gaze at you, scratch you…BETTER than I EVER have before today.  Let’s take it higher every time.  Let’s forget all about the world around us and drift into our fantasies fully.

We ARE Real People Having Sex, right?

Take the day off and visit with me.  I KNOW there’s MORE to your fantasies.  Things that scare you.  Ones that you push away.  Today is the time to eXXXplore those with me. Use the anonymity to our faceless connection to your advantage.  I am your confessor!  And, best yet?  I don’t JUDGE!  There’s NO TABOO TO RISKY to experiment with through me.

Let’slive out our Real Sex Stories!  I will bring you to your knees and leave you squirting your jizz all over your phone!  So, how about a little Taboo Phonesex with your Pro, Joey?


people having sex