Okay, let’s be honest with each other. I love dick. Big, beautiful cocks that truly please me. If you are bringing me a tiny dick, you need to expect penis humiliation. I am being brutally honest and think that is imperative in our relationship. Sure there are others that sugarcoat the situation and tell you that your dick is enough. Sorry bitches, that isn’t this girl!

I am a size queen through and through. I fucking love big dicks. All sizes, shapes, and colors as long as they have lots of length and girth. Otherwise, be prepared for my wrath. Then know, my wrath is vicious. As a result, shredding you to pieces and leaving you a crying heap on the floor. You are a waste of space if life dealt you a small penis.

Penis humiliation makes me laugh out loud!

I am serious. If you come to me to discuss your dick, and life gave you a clit instead of big cock, I intend on fucking your world up with shame and small penis humiliation. Therefore, you better have a hard shell to protect you from my insults. My words are like sharp swords, slicing you to a bleeding pulp.

Know that I love it too. I get turned on by making you feel like shit and don’t lose sleep over it. Seriously, what do you expect if you do not have a real dick? Above all, you can tell me the truth. Have you ever met a girl that was happy with that nub you call a penis? No, right? Not one girl has been happy with that nub that you call a penis! Ouch, that shit hurts doesn’t it!

Small Penis Humiliation Stories – That is what makes me smile baby!

Penis humiliation that shows you that you are dealt a crappy hand by life. It is what it is. Furthermore, that I know of, there is no solution. Sure, you can try penis pumps or even penis sleeves; and any other methods you can come up with. But, you will never measure up to a real man. A real man, packing a gorgeous cock that gets into all my special places and makes me squirt.

Those are the guys for me. Don’t get me wrong, I gladly give you time to play. Prepare yourself for the wrath that I will deal out. I am sweet and kind, but what good does that do you in preparing you for the shame that you will inevitably face with other women? We are vicious and hateful when we do not get what we need.

I guarantee that you have faced an honest, or in your words ‘mean’, woman in your life.

Calling me at our scheduled time for humiliation phone sex, we begin our session. Being honest, you tell me that you have a naughty confession over the phone. You confess that have a tiny pecker. Hesitating, wondering if you can take me, I lay into you with my honesty. Quiet on the other side of the phone, you process how painful our time together is going to be. Then, you bounce back for more.

Furthermore, I am impressed you are tougher than I imagined. Wow, my tiny cock friend, let’s move on to more. From there I bring up all your past relationships, visiting your shame and failure. I love to make you relive all that pain. It is crucial, I must break you. Breaking you ensures that you are truly connected to me.

Once you are broken, we will really have fun!

Does that clit embarrass you at the gym? I bet it is so embarrassing. In the shower and all those big dicks are hanging out and you look down at your tiny little penis. Keeping your back to the other guys, right? Tell me about it. What are you feeling as you walk among all those giant cocks?

Personally, I can’t imagine how hard it must be. Above all, that doesn’t stop me from penis humiliation. Hell no, that is so much more ammo for our session of pain. Using your real life circumstances to dig deep and humiliate you is what makes me amazing at this. I am a fucking Goddess and my goal is using you for my rug. Therefore, you become a piece of dirt stuck in my shoe as I walk over and crush you!

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