Penis Envy

Penis Envy- I must have it because I had a very vivid dream that I woke up and had a huge fleshy thick cock!

My semester of school finally ended. Some friends and I went out to celebrate…it was a wild night. I drank so much I barely remember getting home.

That night, I got home from a night of partying, took my clothes off and stumbled into my bed. Maybe it was the alcohol or the coke I did, but I had some pretty crazy dreams.

Around 5 in the morning, I woke up suddenly, with the strangest feeling. I was moving my hand down my stomach, and I felt something I had never felt before, Instead of my soft pussy, I felt a long fleshy cock. I was so confused. So I quickly turn on my reading lamp while my hand was still exploring this long thick fleshy rod.

I looked down. My pussy has been replaced! I had a long huge dick…and some big balls underneath it! I used both hands to feel around to make sure it was really attached to me. the more I touched it, the harder it got! Then I had an urge to stroke my cock harder and faster. I squeezed it. Fuck! What the hell? I asked myself.

I stopped stressing about why I had a cock and I just started to stroke it.

Moved my hands up and down the shaft till I was close to cumming, I could feel the surge of cum shooting through it. I moved my hands faster and faster.

As I was cumming I suddenly woke up! I opened my eyes and felt a warm sensation between my legs. I felt down there and I could feel my pussy. warm and wet. I’d came but my cock was gone.

That was one of the wildest dreams I ever had!

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