Pegging’s painful pleasure

You want to hear me, a real sexy vixen, letting out my anger and frustrations out on YOU; a submissive stud, then don’t miss out on the pegging’s painful pleasure.

I love putting Men in Pain. I am a gorgeous brunette with big tits. And I will tease and please the chosen sub with my toys. Before he gets his tight ass fucked. I love getting them tied down, bound, and stretched out before the pegging begins.

Once this feisty slut gets the male slave totally naked, I might attach some chains, a cage, or even a cock and ball splitter to him. Then the pain will be enormous. He will start to cry out in tears of shock, of pain, not being able to do anything, forced to enjoy.

This busty babe then strips totally naked and gets out my hard femdom strap-on. He gets his legs up high as the tight anal hole is stretched and the harsh pegging begins.

There is not much talking going on, once the little stud puppet got his mouth stuffed full of a hard femdom strap-on. He just started choking and whining from the pressure deep inside his tonsils.

Finally, when the dick was nice and juicy, the ass fucking could begin, and this sizzling hot sexy babe started swinging her hips, drilling the plastic shaft deep inside his hole. Over and over, fucking in long hard strokes to soft sensual, then switching it up to short jabs then to just grinding in deep.

Over and over, I keep mixing the rhythm so you cannot cum. Till my own hips start to get tired. I can tell from the tears that you are getting close to orgasm.

BUT then I don’t want pegging’s painful pleasure over so soon.

And since your ass is now so tender and sensitive, I need to calm it down. I flick the lid to a small ice chest on the side.

Picking up an ice cube, I pull my dildo out of your gaping ass and shove the first ice cube in you. Before you really notice I shove many more pieces in your ass. Then slam my cock in and hold on.

You start to try to buck me off of you as the full strength of the cold hits your insides. Your prostate suddenly is so cold painful pleasurable chills has your dick shrunk yet your dick is streaming precum.

Ice feels so much more intensely pleasurable than you had ever thought it could. Yes, it hurts but hurts so good. You have a new technique to please yourself when we are apart.

As the ice melts it leaks out, dripping drops down the backside of your balls. A few drops travel the length of your dick. To finally fall from the tip of your dick. It is time to pack you full of ice again.

Yanking my strap-on out of your body you can feel the warm air rush up inside your body. Yet surprisingly your cum dump ass is craving the cold now. It is now time to give you more than pegging’s painful pleasure.

And… I do so love putting together a forced bi BBC gang bang. And then having those naughty BBCs fuck the slutty slaves as they have never been done before.

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Pegging’s painful pleasure
Pegging’s painful pleasure