Pegged by a Mom and Daughter

I never dreamed about being pegged by a mom and daughter until it happened. Amy had reached over and retrieved a box of dildos.  “Mom and I went shopping for toys today.  We hope you approve.”

She got one out and started working it into my ass, taking my breath away.  She resumed sucking me.  “Amy, you are so fucking good!  I’m gonna blow my load now!”  She greedily siphoned every drop and swallowed it all.

The porn video had been forgotten, though our sounds of lust blended with those coming from the sound system.  I needed a time out, so I sat back down on the couch.  Billy Jean was pretty wiped out too.

Amy dildoed herself to a couple of orgasms, then joined us on the couch.  We all sat back in comas, watching the horny college girls in the video, and idly fondling each other.

“Why don’t we all go lie down on the bed — there’s plenty of room for all of us to stretch out.” Billy Jean suggested.  “I’ll bring some snacks.”

Pegged by a Mom and Daughter
Pegged by a Mom and Daughter

So we headed into her bedroom.  She brought in some good munchies and we lounged nude and nibbled goodies.  Amy had thoughtfully brought the goo and toys with her.  Pretty soon we were all fingering and stroking each other as our passions rekindled.

Billy Jean got out a strap-on and smiled lasciviously as she put it on.  “Kenny, why don’t you fuck my beautiful daughter while I fuck you?”

I mounted Amy, my dick hard once again, and entered her now experienced cunt.  I was pumping her in a building rhythm when I felt a pressure on my ass.  Billy Jean lubed me, inserted a single finger, then two, then gently started the dildo in.

She leaned over my back, her giant firm breasts brushing me, then rested her weight on me as she got the dildo deeper inside me.  I was lying on Amy, fucking her, while Billy Jean was lying on me, fucking my ass.

What a sex sandwich we made.

We arrived at a complex rhythm and kept our thrusting going for what seemed like forever, the girls coming repeatedly, me trying to keep from coming so I wouldn’t spoil the moment by needing to take a break.

I said, “The only thing we’re missing is something fucking you, Billy Jean.”  At which point she lubed her own ass, grabbed a free dildo, and started plunging it in and out of herself.

Eventually, we grew tired and slowly disengaged.  After resting I had an idea.  I strapped on the dildo, with it above my dick.  I said “Amy, why don’t you lie on your back on top of your mom, so both your pussies are one above the other?”

She complied.  I then stuck my cock in Billy Jean’s dripping pussy and the dildo in Amy’s equally slippery cunt.  We got into a new rhythm, with me fucking them both in the vagina simultaneously.  This kept us all in delirium for a time, until I finally came explosively in Billy Jean.

We fell asleep after that in a tangle of bliss-filled limbs and slept through the night.

Early the next morning I got up and went back to my place, as we all had responsibilities to attend to.  We spoke of reconvening soon.

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Pegged by a Mom and Daughter
Pegged by a Mom and Daughter

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