Peeping Toms and Tammy’s

This is the last day the pools are open in our townhouse complex, that makes me so fucking sad.  I love getting in a sexy bikini or a LOW cut one piece getting beautiful body wet; watching all the single and married, boys and men adjust those hard cocks in their swim trunks so their wives and girlfriends won’t see when they get rock hard staring at my beautiful curves.  I love getting wet in more ways than one!  I also love showing off my giant F cup tits in my tight little bikini to all the peeping Toms.

So, I decided to get a jacuzzi installed outside on the back porch.  It’s like my personal pool but with even better jets 😉 no curtains and no walls, and most of all no privacy.  I don’t need privacy anyways. I have a slew of horny neighbor cock all around me and I want them to watch!  Today, on this cool Sunday, I finally get to give it a try.

I put on my favorite poka dot bikini top and wrapped a towel around my waist hiding my luscious ass and bald pussy.  I stood at the edge of the jacuzzi teasing all those horny cocks with anticipation of what would cum, dropping the towel I could hear their unison groans as their cocks swelled seeing my thick juicy curves and even juicier ass.   My nipples got so hard they could cut glass, my pussy was soaking wet even before getting in the water.  I looked around to see at least five of my peeping toms and tammy’s. I love the sight of their cocks and toys in their hands while they watch my every move.

  I’m quite the exhibitionist, I love the attention on my body voluptuous curves.

I sat on the edge close to the edge of the jacuzzi. Wanted to feel that jet against my pulsing clit, spreading my legs and as my fingers moved downward to my freshly bald pussy.  I put a leg up on the edge of my jacuzzi to give my favorite peepers a better view before sliding 3 fingers deep into my pussy!  The jet shooting relentlessly, fucked myself with 3 eager finger until my pussy exploded.  Sliding my cum soaked out my pussy smearing my sweet cum all over my nipples and suckled them clean.  I am the chronic masturbator after all.  I love getting fucked hard and fucked often!!  But there is just something hotter about getting myself off, especially with an audience.  I gotta say I love all my peeping toms and tammys, in person and on the phone! 😉

Teen Phone Sex!