Peeping is one of Santa’s favorite things….

Peeping through the tree and in between the stack of presents under the tree, there you are watching me. Everyone wonders how you know if we have been naughty or nice. Well, now they will know. Back to my story there you are peeping at me from behind the Christmas tree. My legs stretched out spread apart I am laying naked on a bear skin rug in front of a fireplace. My current boy toy is kissing my body working his way down in between my thighs as you watch peeping on me.

You stay hidden not making a sound. You pull your big hard throbbing cock from out of your big red suit and you begin to stroke it rubbing it up and down. Throbbing aching to cum to stroke it a little faster watching as my boy toy laps up my pussy making me moan in delight. Oh how you wish your tongue was tasting me, but still, you stand there peeping.

My boy toy crawls up in between my thighs and kisses me. I wrap my long legs around his tight firm ass and he starts to guide his throbbing huge cock into my tight wet little hole. I moan out in pleasure as he shoves his big dick deep inside of me. You just watch, still jerking your cock.

You watch as I take every inch of his cock moaning and moving my body into his.

He then flips me over and starts fucking me doggy style. Now you have the perfect side view to watch me get fucked. My ass is in the air his dick bouncing in and out of me. He gives my ass a nice hard smack, with that sound your cock aches to be buried deep inside of me. You imagine coming out from behind the tree your cock blazing in full force as you tell me to suck it. If only you would, but alas you just continue peeping.

Want to be my peeper Santa?

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