To Pee or Not to Pee in Public – That is the Question

Everyone has experienced it at one point or another in their life – the feeling that if you don’t relieve yourself in 30 seconds, your bladder will burst and send a flood of urine down your leg, wetting your pants, shorts, panties, or whatever you are sporting from the waist down.  And with that, one is forced to succumb to pee in public.

It usually starts innocently enough.  I’m out and about, running errands, or just enjoying the day’s activities in the great outdoors.  Then it happens. It starts with that tell-tale feeling down below.  The one that gives me that inkling that my bladder is filling up and I am soon going to have to go pee – but it isn’t a priority just yet. The option to pee in public isn’t even on the radar.

I look around scanning for any signs of a bathroom for me to use, but none seem to be around at present. No worries, I can hold it for a while. I continue with what I’m doing, figuring I have plenty of time to find a facility to use and relieve myself.

My peeing desperations increase exponentially.

My full bladder won’t be ignored any longer. Panic starts to set in when I realize I can’t find a bathroom soon enough.  I scan the area once again. In hopes that there will be a toilet just around the corner, I start my trek, but small amounts of piss escape from between my legs with each attempted step – no good; I waited too long.

I now have two choices: one – relax my bladder muscles and let the floodgates go, pissing my panties, my jeans, and the surrounding ground. Or two – pull down my jeans and panties, squat where I stand, and pee in public.  Hoping to not get caught, I opt for door number two and drop my panties. As the warm golden stream flows full force between my legs, I hear a faint rustling in the distance get closer and closer…


Care to share in my tales of peeing desperations and having to pee in public?  Then give me a jingle and I’ll spill all 😉 .


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