Pee fetish fantasies are so kinky!

As with most fetishes I talk about, pee fetish fantasies change with the context of what other fetishes pair with it. Am I pissing or you? Is it to humiliate your partner or drive them wild? To me, all that matters is that there’s hot golden nectar at play.

When it comes to fetish phone sex, being as real as possible is so fucking important to me. That’s why I really piss when I say I’m going to. Pee fetish fantasies are so easy to help you explore that diving right into that warm, wet adventure is the most natural thing in the world. So…shall we have a little fun??


The feel of your thighs as I slid my hands across them was powerful. I could feel your tensed muscles desperately wishing to spring into action, but you held yourself in check as I caressed and kissed my way up your body. When I got to the little juncture between your thigh and hip, I smiled into the little divot and gave it a tender kiss.

You’d been gone on business for almost two weeks and I was hungry to taste every bit of you that I’d been missing. I let my lips trail toward your hard dick, lightly breathing on it. I looked up at you, gave it a quick kiss, and then slid my naked body along yours until we were face to face. Your cock rested between my pussy lips. I felt it twitch as my nipples hardened against your chest.

Looking into your languorous eyes, I could tell it was a mask. You were trying your best to seem like you had everything you wanted, but I knew you too well. I asked you and that evasiveness you get when you really want something but aren’t in the mood for a potential “no”, came out. I wasn’t having it.

Tell the truth

“What do you want, baby? Every second you spend refusing to tell me, I’m going to move further and further away…I might even sleep on the couch if you’re feeling really stubborn tonight.”

It took three seconds. The moment your dick slipped from between my slick pussy lips, you grabbed my hips and started talking. I had to fight so hard not to laugh as you explained your pee fetish fantasies. It wasn’t because the idea was laughable. It was that you are afraid of my reaction over a little piss. After all of the freaky shit my horny bdsm switch had gotten into…this is the bridge you were afraid to cross??

Drink it, roll in it, fuck me until I cum in a puddle of it: I don’t care. It’s fucking hot that you want to add something kinky to our nighttime adventures. But I did inquire about how you wanted it…these were your pee fetish fantasies. I wanted to make sure the best boyfriend ever had exactly what he needed.

You proceeded to lose yourself in your fantasy as you told me the details. I watched as your eyes glazed over more and more with each sentence. I grew suspicious of how long you had wanted this, as your imagination roamed wild. Eventually, I had to cut you off. There was no way I was going to be able to remember everything.

Our first time

I told you I wanted to give you the exact fantasy, but I was just way too horny to concentrate. So, I offered you an alternative: let me ride your face, and I’ll smother you in piss. You jumped at the chance, literally. You hopped off of the bed, disappearing into the bathroom for a second. When you returned you had an armful of towels. This time I did laugh. But I dutifully got down and started spreading them.

Even in the middle of your pee fetish fantasies, you were still practical. Once you were content that we wouldn’t ruin the carpet, you unceremoniously flopped onto your back, tapping your chest with the palms of your hands. “All aboard, baby!”

“Do I pee now or when I get close to cumming?” I asked. Your face was inches from my pussy as I pointed that loaded gun at you. You told me to wait, and then you dove right in. Your hands wrapped around my thighs, truly smothering yourself. I felt so erotic as your tongue ran circles around my sensitive clit.

When you started flicking it down into my pussy and then back up to my clit, I started shaking. I was so close to cumming. Two fucking minutes of having my pussy licked and I was about to cum like a naughty schoolgirl. I must have been just excited to piss on you as you were to get pissed on.


I wanted to piss before I came. I thought it would push me over the edge even harder that way…but I couldn’t. As I got closer and closer to losing myself, I felt more and more pressure on my bladder. I looked down at you and nodded. Then my bladder emptied all over your open mouth, cheeks, chin, and chest. There was so much! The golden liquid dribbled all over you and you latched on to my piss hole as quickly as you could, sucking it from my very being.

You shook your head back and forth in my pussy as you enjoyed one of your pee fetish fantasies. You moaned and hummed as you sucked the last drops out of me…and then I felt it. Ropes of cum sprayed my back. My mouth formed into a little “o” as I realized you’d just cum without ever touching your dick. I guess a golden shower is just what you needed…

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