If you can’t stop thinking about bald pussies, you probably need a pedo humiliation phone sex call.

Let’s get something straight from the beginning: pedo humiliation phone sex doesn’t get me wet. Neither does thinking about you raping your little stepdaughter. You make me sick.

You know you’re a sick fuck when you have to rationalize your thoughts and/or behavior by saying “I can’t help it.” Yes, you can. Also, you are just a miserable, contemptible, disgusting piece of shit.

Let me help you help yourself by going over the finer points of what a foul maggot you really are. Think of me as your “rehabilitation” reverse life coach. My job is more like being a dog trainer, and though. A vile creature like you certainly can’t be treated like a human!

I’m like your last stop on your life’s long, neverending Road To Nowhere. Even you can’t stand to be alone with your grotesque self. Are you ready to cum tell me every sick pedophile thought in your ugly head?

I’m ready to assure you that those thoughts ARE truly, deeply fucked up. Yes, there IS something WRONG with you. You won’t be getting any coddling from me. There’s no way to sugarcoat what a fucking MONSTER you are.

Wouldn’t you be better off without a dick, if being controlled by your cock is what’s really the “issue”? I certainly think so. I’m sure your stepdaughter (or whatever unfortunate child) you’ve been molesting would agree.

The only thing that would get me “wet” is imagining slicing your stupid dick off myself. If you “can’t help it,” I pretty much can’t help giving you an emergency castration.

You understand I “just couldn’t help myself,” right?

Need some honest feedback about what a creep you are? Just give me a call!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke