It was a dark stormy night. I was laying in bed and heard my front door open. I was alarmed. However, I knew I could handle myself. I grab my baseball bat as I walked to the living room. Once in there, I saw a pathetic loser boy laying on my sofa. I screamed Who the Fuck are you? He jumped up and started groveling to me. Then I told him to Shut up.  I heard him say please Please don’t call the cops on me.

I’ll do anything Ma’am.

As I looked at him I said don’t worry you will be. Then I walked over and locked the front door. As I grab him by the hair and walked him into my bathroom. Pushing into the room Saying Fucking clean yourself, Looser boy! This was One house this Pathetic Loser Boy did not want to break in. He was about to learn why!

A Bath to Amuse me

This Pathetic Loser Boy Smelled like a Sewer Rat. So When he started his water. Then I decided it was the perfect time to help him out. By grabbing my Bleach and dumping it over his head. He started to say something n a Screamed at him

“Shut up! Your piece of shit! You think I’m going to let you stay at my house smelling like that! Your gonna learn tonight what it takes to stay here!” 

Then I picked up my cat litter box and said “You know what you what to live like a Dirty scum bag. Here let me treat you like one” As I throw the cat litter into the shower. Now Clean your self up n don’t forget to clean my shower up too! When you’re done I’ll be waiting in my bedroom the third door on the right down the hall. However, Don’t keep me waiting! You have a long night ahead of you.

Introducing My Pathetic Loser Boy to His New Life

Once My new Pet was done with his shower he walks into my room with Myself on the bed. I’m in my Black Latex catsuit, 6-inch heels, and my Big 12-inch Strap on. I think My Bitch Boy is getting it through his head what exactly he is now. I tell him to drop the towel. However, he says Miss Ill just leave. Then I started to laugh. No, My little Cock sucker, You don’t get it. I have you on Video breaking in my house. I own you now. Your gonna do everything I say or go to jail!

Now drop that towel! I’m my present your wear this and kicked a Lace Baby Yellow panties over to him.  Telling him with that Teeny Weeny short Dick you should have no problems fitting into them. Here don’t forget these Shackles and Cuffs. When I’m not wanting me to serve me you will be shackled to the chain to the wall over there. Then Pointing to the Chain on the floor right by a doggy bed. That is where you will sleep and eat My Pet!

It’s Never too Soon to Start your Service to me

Now that we have this settled. There are a few things you need to learn. First, I own you. Bed over the bed bitch boy. He mumbles something. Then I grab him by the hair and threw him down on the bed. Bed him over and Whisper in his ear “Did you say something to me? When I didn’t ask you anything?” Let me show up what happens when you talk to me without being asked a question!”

I take my Big cock and Shove it in his ass. As he starts to cry and whimper. Telling him to Shut up and take it. I said I own you now. This ass is mine you fuck boy! I will use it as I please now. You will learn I will. use you however I like, when I like, and by whom I like. This is to do. Once you get used to your new role things will be a lot easier. However, for now, Shut the fuck up and take My Cock! I fucked his ass raw that night and made him bleed taking My Cock so hard. It deserves him right. It’s exactly how a Pathetic Loser Boy that breaks into houses deserves to be treated!

Want to hear more about My Pathetic Loser Boy’s new role? Call this Humiliation Phone Sex hotline. I’ll take you places no one else can!


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