I am your wife. We have been together for a while but there’s something missing from our relationship. Sex has just become that, just sex. But I met someone. Someone that gets me so wet by just looking at me that I want you to witness it. The details of how we ended up in bed aren’t too important. All you have to know is that your passionate first time cuckold experience is about to happen. And believe me, it’ll leave you yearning for more.

It’s a day like no other when you come home to find me with him. He is everything you aren’t. He is the complete opposite. A tall, dark, and very handsome man. Let’s take this to our bedroom. You walking behind us as he grabs my ass. Though you wish you could move his hand away from me, you are curious about what is about to happen next. I want you to watch him take my clothes completely off. He will kiss every inch of my body as you sit by the end of the bed. Don’t worry, he has always been the right amount of gentle and rough. And that is something you will never be able to master.

A Passionate First Time Cuckold Affair

As I lay on our bed, the bed you bought us, I can’t stop myself from closing my eyes and enjoying his tongue inside me. He is devouring my pussy. I can feel myself dripping. Then. I finally open my eyes I turn to see you still sitting there.

Stroke as he fucks me!

I say under my moaning. You obey. I want to get lost on him. I want to pull down his pants and expose his big hard cock. Do you notice anything? He gets harder, he is bigger, and when I wrap my lips around his cock all I want to do is for him to take control and make me choke. Oh, and he sure does. He holds the back of my head and shoves his cock deep inside my mouth. I can feel the slobber dripping down onto my bare tits. I am ready for him to be inside me. And I want you to watch me take him. This the passionate first time cuckold affair that’s been missing from our marriage.

He Bends Me Over The bed & Teases Me With His Cock

As he does, I can see you stroking faster. I can see in your eyes that though this isn’t what you wanted. Your body now needs to see it through, you want to watch me get pounded by another man. This is your fantasy now, too. I moan as he pushes inside me. I can feel him stretching me out. The way he grabs my waist with his big hands is enough to make me cum. And when I do, I get so tight that I pull his cock deeper into me.

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