Passionate Cat Burglar Steals Hearts And So Much More!

How do I get myself into these situations? Oh, yeah. This passionate cat burglar steals hearts and so much more. Of course, I love to shop, it’s true. But, I hadn’t realized how far into debt I’d gotten myself…doing what I loved. It was all my money I spent, no one else’s… just got a little…carried away. That’s all. Giggle I had to think of a solution…the easier the better. I’m a ballerina, so I could pick up gigs dancing, but it wouldn’t pay a lot, nor quickly enough. Then it occurred to me…light on my feet, agile as hell, quick, quiet…and sexy. I could becum a cat burglar! A sultry cat burglar…so sultry that men will chant proudly…”She’ll steal your heart!”

The next day, I set about collecting my tools of the craft. I started online, looking at latex catsuits, purchased. Leather gloves, Check. A Cum Bib (In case I got caught and needed to bargain – Haha), strap-on dick…same reason. Purchase. Purchase. And Purchase! What? Oh! I know I’m broke. But, as they say…occasionally, one must “spend money, in order to make money.” Next, I gathered my bathroom caddy and stepped into the shower. I took away all remnants of any hair which could be collected into evidence. Thinking ahead… Plus, a clean-shaven pussy just looks so much better under latex.  Don’t you agree?

It’s been previously established that I love dick!

I am just steps away from being dubbed a Cum Drunk Whore. So, yeah…I love the squirt of it…and if I get caught while out collecting Rolexes and Gold bars…I have no problem with using anything in my arsenal to get out of doing real-time in the Pen.

One regular at the ballet and his wife, are known to keep some of their most valuable belongings in their home instead of locked away safe from me at a bank depository. Silly them! Who keeps a half-million-dollar White Gold GMT-Master, encrusted with diamonds laying on a night table? Only the abject wealthy. That’s who! LOL

So, I suited up and if I do say so myself…I looked fine as hell!

I twirled and turned in front of my floor-length mirror before putting on my black Timberland boots; pulling my hood over my head and dropping my cool aviator shades over my eyes. Yes, it was hard to see at night wearing the glasses! But, they looked cool. No self-respecting thief…especially a stylish, female thief…would fuck up her ensemble by not wearing the glasses! Are you kidding me?

I thought scaling the house would be the difficult part…maybe even bypassing the alarm system, or a herd of dogs. But, no…the hard part turned out to be navigating once inside the mammoth home. I just followed the snoring sounds and made my way to the large double-door entry to the master suite. There they were…sound asleep in bed. Then came the snoring again. And to my chagrin…it was her! I have never suppressed the urge to GOL (giggle Out Load) so well in my life! She snored like a bear! LOL

I saw the Rolex instantly.

No! I saw Two! Fuckin’ A! I could be in Belize by the time they even noticed them missing. Swoop. Into my bag they went, along with her wedding set, ostensibly valued at around 3 million and designed by Harry Winston. So far my haul was standing at somewhere along the lines of 4 mill and I hadn’t gone into any other rooms. Whoo-hoo!

As I prepped to leave the room (afterall, a passionate cat burglar steals hearts, but I don’t leave messes!), he stirred. He tossed the expensive sheet from his midsection and exposed one of the most majestic dicks I have ever seen! Moreover, that fat, mushroom head was swollen and looked far better than the Rolexes had a minute before. Almost as if he was a snake-charmer… and I, his snake.  His beautiful, big cock hung there…off the side of the bed and I couldn’t help it…I needed to drink! Free cum is nearly impossible to pass up. It’s a sort of sensual revenge.

I seated myself there on the floor next to the bed and started with soft, almost invisible licks on his head and progressed to full-fledged sucking.

I sucked and lapped at him as he slept (Yeah…of COURSE he slept) through it! LOL   Likewise, he “slept” as his jizz poured down my throat and as I licked him clean. He rolled away from my lips and cradled his wife; as I righted myself on my feet and crept silently from the room, down the hall and back out into the cool night air.

I cashed in on my stolen booty and paid off my debts, then traveled to Bimini. I had heard there were some cops hanging around asking a few questions while I was out of the country…Did they ever catch up with me to ask their silly, little questions? Call me to hear all about it. Giggle. If you’re into phone sex porn; this passionate cat burglar steals hearts… and so much more!




Passionate Cat Burglar Steals Hearts