PAS DE DEUX is a fancy way to say a “situation” of sorts…and when it happens at the local train station…oh, so much more the fun, eh?  So, when last we met, I was flashing pussy to a stranger with high hopes of staving off an onCUMming migraine.  I let my stiletto heel dangle on the tip of my toes and I swear he let out a breath that stopped all other sounds in the small station. I lingered just long enough to assure myself he’d follow wherever I lead.

So, today I WOULD get rid of my nagging headache and get myself into a little pas de deux while I was at it. Yum!  I stood and felt his eyes…and that of every other man follow as I bent at the waist to straighten the thin black line of my Cuban heel stocking.  The way I slid, then glided my fingers over each calf almost started a fire right there in the metro!  Attention getting is one of my great adrenaline rushes in life.

I strode with purpose to the lounge area and made way for the sliding doors leading to the sofas and coffee tables. That room led into the general stall area.  All-in-all, it was a pretty posh little restroom, for a train station! For there to be hundreds, if not thousands milling about just beyond those doors, it was a barren wasteland of people inside the lounge.  Lucky me!  Giggle.  I sauntered to the last stall.  You know, that giant one where you could practically carry on an orgy with 7-10 people?  I pushed up my already perfect tits and pinched my cheeks.  In France, we don’t apply rouge so often as the quick cheek slap or pinch right beforehand. Mmmm.

The bathroom door swung open slowly…Pas de deux time!  He pushed open every door on the way to the large stall…I knew he would.  I could have easily fucked and sucked him in the first stall. I mean, we weren’t planning on an orgy, so…But, wait a minute…okay, I’m back. Giggle.  A proper pas de deux needs to be a situation…dangerous…thrilling.  Otherwise, it’s just two people…fucking.  You could do that…with her…at home. Yawn. Haha.

He finally found me, there in the last stall…sitting atop the lid of the commode, panties pulled to the side, my two middle fingers shoved deep inside my dripping pussy.  His cock virtually “sprang” free of its constraints and nearly “jumped” into my mouth.  I sucked the poor man until tears flowed from his cheeks…He mumbled something about his wife not doing that even in their “dating” stage.  How utterly sad? Well, I was about to fix some MORE things that ailed this poor sot!

After about 20 minutes of my Joey loving, we heard the door open again…Hmmm.  Perhaps I spoke too quickly?  Pas de trois, anyone?  I can fuck you like we’re in public too…Call me and hear all about my naughty public deeds! LOL

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