This guy was the definition of “Mr. Steal-yo-girl” – the guy I’d gone to the party with wasn’t exactly a loser. He was cute, he was fun, but he was just..too nice. I have a thing for assholes. Stereotypical, right? 😉 Hey, you can’t blame me! So..the night started off pretty fun, just us two flirting before we got to the actual party..but once I met his drinking buddy, it was all over. I turned into his dirty little whore for the night.


Nothing really made me leave the guy I’d gone there with – Dylan – he just wasn’t really outshining the other one. I started to get to know his friend, do a few shots with him, and then I realized.. he was pretty much what I’d been looking for. That slick smile had my panties wet in a HEARTBEAT, and though the idea of a threesome with the two of them did cross my mind.. I knew they wouldn’t go for it. So, instead of making it awkward by asking, I just decided to go with the asshole. He had a better body, a larger bulge in his pants..and from the start, he treated me like a dirty little whore. I could see every bad thing he wanted to do to me, it was all in his eyes when I glanced behind me and saw him staring at my ass..
I guess if me and Dylan had been dating, he’d be a cuckold, because he was completely entranced by it all. He was almost getting off on how I’d just abandoned him to flirt with Jake. And who could blame me..or him. I doubt he’d ever seen anything so disrespectful…but he was about to. The second we were done with the party, he just flat out picked me up and carried me out to the truck, jumping in the back with me. It was one of those hot, steamy summer nights that just needed the right kind of start something very, very bad. ♥

As much fun as I had that night..I’m still wondering: did Dylan keep watching after we left to the parking lot? I swore I saw him creeping around the bushes outside the house..naughty little bastard!

Would you watch us, too?

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