Party Piss Play is a complete crowd pleaser!

Me and my sister are such little whores! We met these two guys down at the bar. They asked us if we wanted to go to a splash party. Me and my sister look at one another curiously. I look the taller, dark, handsome one up and down while biting my lip slightly. It was nearly impossible to avoid starring at the huge bulge that was completely absorbing any space he had at all in the groin area of his pants. All I could think to myself is how big that throbbing cock must be when freed from its denim prison. The two men tell us its waterworks play. They stand there anxiously awaiting our answers, little do they know that I and my little sister are the most thirsty little piss whores. We look at them and smile. Both of us agree we are ready for party piss play!

We get into the car and we hop on the road.

My sister asks “how do you boys feel about some road head?” Looking over at her I catch a devilish stare from my sister and a tiny little smirk. I know she is up to nothing but trouble. My focus shifts over to look at the sexy man sitting next to me. Before they say anything both me and my sister lean over to work quickly on their belts, buttons and zippers. Springing forth, throbbing hard stiffs! We start sucking on their cocks nice and hard! Licking their balls! Being suburb little cock suckers and taking both their nuts in out mouths! Giving both these guys sloppy wet blow jobs! I sit up, wipe my chin and say “You know sis?! I am so thirsty! Don’t you want more?!” she nods and I say “Let us have some pre-party piss play!” Our mouths right back around their twitching cocks!

Sucking and massaging their dicks with our tongues.

Every couple minutes I take his cock out of my mouth, I wrap my hand around it, gripping it and stroking it. Looking up at him with my big brown eyes. I tell him to please piss in my mouth! Needing and want his hot juice squirting down my little whore throat. I stick my tongue out and trace it along his piss hole. The tip of my tongue flirts along the tip of his dick. I gently lick up all of the trickling out pre-cum. “Baby, we need party piss play in our piss whore mouths!” My sister begging the driver for his hot golden piss too! she is such a little slut! I slurp down his dick and he starts to press his hips up and down. Reviling this sloppy-ass blow job! Fucking my face. With each thrust, he is getting deeper and deeper.

His cock head swelling bigger and bigger too.

He started to shake and I know instead of pissing, he wanted to blow his creamy load. I pressed the palms of my hands into his hips. Driving his sexy ass down and into the seat. I then pulled my face off of his cock. Undoubtedly my mouth was able to be evacuated by his cock! It flung out obviously engorged. The car changes direction and we were turning into a driveway. The car reluctantly came to a stop as both the guys were panting in the most naughty road head sessions! I look over at him, he grabs my face and says “why didn’t you let me just cum?!” and I kiss his mouth and say “Because I want party piss play, as I was promised!” I kiss him again and jump out of the car!

Walking up to the large, lavished door while holding my sister’s petite hand.

Behind us, the men are walking closely clearly looking at us as if they could just devour us! I and my sister are just so excited we are such sweet little treats! We spring forth the door to a beautiful entranceway! In the living area are two other beautiful men sipping on cocktails. My sister excitingly says “we are here for the party piss play!” They smile adorably are her eagerness! Wasting no time! Both I and my sister fall to our knees and we open our mouths and beg for their cocks and all of their piss! They whip out their cocks! Jerking their dicks in our face and covering us in all their flowing golden piss! Come check out all my ripe hard cock fantasies so you can undoubtedly cum harder than ever before! Total splash party!

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