Party Girl Gets Fucked HARD

I am a weekend warrior. I’m sure you have run into a girl somewhat like me along the way somewhere. I’m the girl that loves to get drunk on the weekends, party & dance my ass off,and go home with a few different flavors. It’s nothing for me to go out to my favorite bar, play a couple games of pool, knock back a few (or more than a few) STRONG shots and become that girl, whose main purpose is to get her brains fucked out… Let me tell you about my weekend.

Pool, is a hobby of mine. Since I was a little girl. My dad showed me all kinds of trick shot, jump shots and most importantly he showed me how to kick ass. On this particular Friday night, I decided I was going to hustle a few games because I reallllly wanted this new pair of Alexander McQueen Spiked Skull heels.

Hustle is a state of mind. To be vague, because I don’t like giving away my secrets. I use my body as a deterrent, dressing in next to nothing mini skirts, and barley there tops with plunging necklines, and of course sexy heels or Knee/ thigh high boots to show off my beautiful long stems.

So, on this Friday night, I was dressed to the 9’s. I went out and got a table, played alone for a bit not showing my true gifts, when I was approached by 2 guys I’d never seen before. It always starts like this. ” Hey honey, do you know how to play?” and of course I offer. ” Yeah, kinda.” Then they offer to play with me, TEACH me. *wicked grin*  All of a sudden, my form is improved! I’m making a couple of shots, and I’m G R O W I N G confident.

To me, the more I drink, the better I play. Then I ask if they wanna bet on a game, and I never play for less than $100. So I lay my money on the table. My rivals, are very hesitant at first not wanting to TAKE my money, but I assure them that I now believe I have a fighting chance, but if they aren’t man enough to bet against a girl, I understand. Oh men, and their competitive pride.

I then pull out my bigger guns, but not my biggest, and I wind up kicking ass and taking names. Since I’ve hustled both this table walking away $100 richer, and these 2, I know it is now time for me to move on to another bar. I hadn’t realized just how much I had drunk, until I walked outside and the fresh air hit me. I was walking around in the parking lot trying to get service on my cell so I could call some friends to come get me and take me to our other spot. Low and behold, here come my competitors.

I hear them talking to each other about how they couldn’t believe I beat them. They were convinced they were good teachers. So, I walked over wanting to validate that they were. They had no Idea of my hustle. I walked over offering a hug for being so nice. They hugged me, mmmm and they smelled so sexy. I talked with them for a few minutes and realized that these were really fucking nice guys. I almost felt bad about doing that to them,but,  not so bad that I was willing to let go of my hot new High heel money. So I did what I do best…

I asked if they would give me a ride home.

Being the type of guys they were, they obliged. I sat in the middle of the truck, and even thought I was pretty ripped, I knew exactly how to get things going in the direction I wanted them too. The guilt was eating at me, and I had to feed it to shut it up.

I began rubbing their thighs, half way to my house. They didn’t say very much in the way to stop me. I pretended that I didn’t realize what I was doing and told them they would have to excuse me, I got so horny when I had been drinking and it’s hard when you don’t have a boyfriend when you really wanna get fucked hard.

*wicked grin*

The guy on the passenger side whispered to me, “It’s ok, you’re sexy as fuck ANY guy would wanna fuck you” I pressed my hand hard into his thigh when he said this, and offered ” Do you wanna fuck me?” He only shook his head yes. Then we pulled into my driveway.

“Please come in, and keep me company for a while” I asked the guys, standing on my steps.I went inside and I knew they were out there trying to talk themselves out of taking advantage of this sweet girl, that was drunk off her ass.  But when I came back to the door, wearing nothing but the panties I went out in, neither one of them had any trouble keeping me company and making sure I indeed, got fucked hard.

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