So i’m the type of girl who never ever writes about anyone that I haven’t been given permission to write about. My newest party boy brought up to me that he wanted me to share our adventures together and I am so happy that he did. For the sake of protecting my favorite party boy i’m going to call him PBD short for Party Boy D.

So me and PBD share someone in common and that his Brandi, when Brandi asked me to come over and meet her friend I didn’t realize we’d all be playing a hot little game of strip poker with the twist of dare tied into it, I was shy at first but quickly warmed up. Me and PBD had instant chemistry and even though I didn’t know him well I was eager to play with him more. PBD has such horrible luck when it comes to playing cards and you can tell because he knows how to put on a show when he strips down!

PBD hit me up after that night and we partied a bit with other girls but nothing beats the recent party me and him got into. I decided to surprise him and called him up when I was only a few minutes away from his place. He went out to his back-porch waiting for me to show up, having stripped down in the house when I pulled in I instantly saw his throbbing cock in his hand. I watched him put the lube on it, the shaft glistened. I didn’t get out of my car just watched him tug on his meat.

He knows how turned on I get from watching him stroke his cock, I just couldn’t help but simply watch, my own hand going underneath my skirt to toy with my pussy. He came from me watching him and I couldn’t help exploding in the car from the intense show. I got out of the car my legs shaking and PBD invited me into the house. He’d left a porn on and had plenty of booze in the fridge for us both. We agreed we’d spend the night partying and before the night was over had some of my girlfriends over for a game of strip poker.

We all enjoyed ourselves so much that he promised we’d all party again soon.


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