On the board there was a list, every girl had a partner.

    I looked down the list to find my name. I was excited to see who my partner was. At the very bottom, I found it. There was a number 7 by my name. I found the person with the same number as me, and her name was Allison Wright. I turned around to the class and said “Allison Wright?” A cute redhead stuck her hand up and said: “that’s me!” I went over and sat next to her. “Hey, I’m Blair! I guess we’re partners today.” She smiled and said “Yeah, I wonder what we’re going to be doing today. I’m excited to find out!” We would find out soon enough because Mistress Ruby walked into the class

    “Okay ladies, does everyone have their partners?” Mistress asked. “Yes Mistress!” the class responded. “Perfect. Now I bet you’re wondering why I have you ladies partnered up today. I tried my best to match you guys based on personality and experience. You will see once we start why I matched you up with who I did. Today we’re doing something a little bit different. You ladies have already learned your own body’s, and how to use pleasing yourself to your advantage.

   Allison and I grabbed a mat and found a spot towards the front of the classroom.

Allison was very pretty. Natural red hair, curvy body, big ass, she was definitely a good match for me. I could tell by the way she looked at me that she felt the same. “I want you to do it to me first, I’m a little nervous.” She whispered to me. “That’s fine” I replied. She laid on her back and opened her legs up for me. Her pussy was so pink and pretty. It aroused me just looking at it. I took one of my fingers and started rubbing on the sides of her clit, not touching it quite yet. An up and down motion on either side of it, until I felt it getting harder. I added 3 more fingers and started applying pressure to it, going in circles, up and down, and side to side.

Allisons body was tensing up. She was quietly moaning and I was getting even more into it. I spit on her clit to get it wet and started rubbing it faster. At this point, she was panting, and her legs were shaking. “Once you see that your partner is all worked up, you can move onto the oral part. If you’re having trouble with arousing her, ask what feels nice. Don’t be scared ladies. This is a learning process.” I looked around for a second and I didn’t see anyone else as aroused as Allison was, I guess I was doing something very right.

    I took one hand and spread her pussy lips open, exposing her hard clit.

I took the other hand and inserted 3 fingers inside of her pussy. She moaned loudly with pleasure. I leaned down and started flicking her clit with my tongue, only using the tip of it. While I was stimulating her G – spot. She was all over the place. Her pussy was dripping wet and she was grinding on my fingers. I felt her body tense really hard, and with one loud moan she came, squirting in my mouth. She looked down after me, face all red. Smiling. We looked around and we were the first ones done. Some of the girls hadn’t even started the Oral yet.

“Blair you’re a natural. I was hypnotized the entire time watching you guys. You can switch now.” We switched spots and she started with me. I was already aroused, and she was working for her hands just as I had. She paid attention to what I was doing. As soon as she started licking my pussy I came, I couldn’t hold it back. We were the first ones done, so we got to leave class early. We went out for a few drinks and she came home with me, but that’s a story for another day 😉

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