When Your Parents Fuck Loudly, It’s Only Natural To Jump In

My parents fuck loud, I could always hear them when I was a kid going at it when I was supposed to be asleep. I used to listen to them and touch myself. From the sounds Mom was making my Dad’s a fucking machine. She couldn’t get enough of his dick and that made me fantasize about how hung he was and how great he was in bed. I was visiting my parents and when I was trying to get to sleep I could hear my parents bed squeaking. Listening to hear what was going on, soon enough I heard Mom moaning. I listened through the wall but it wasn’t enough to excite me because was older and more experienced now. To be honest I love when my parents fuck.

So I got out of bed and went to their room, wincing as I slowly opened the door. It squeaked but they were groaning too loud to hear it. I stood there and saw my parents going at it like a couple of teenagers. The blankets were on the floor and Dad was on top of Mom, fucking her hard and fast while she dug her nails into his back. I slipped a hand under my nightie and fingered my pussy while I watched the action. She gasped as she asked him to fuck her like a bitch. They shifted and when Mom was getting on all fours she saw me. Dad was too horny to notice and just shoved her legs apart so he could get between them.

She was about to say something when he shoved his dick in her and she shuddered.

She stared at me and I decided to join in since she didn’t seem to care. Dad was surprised but didn’t stop as I took my nightie off. I got beside Mom, sliding under her swaying breasts so I could play with them. I held one in my hand and licked her hard nipple as Dad grunted and yanked on her hips. Then I put my lips around it and sucked as my pussy juices began leaking down my crack.

Hearing Dad and Mom smacking together as they fucked,  I wanted some attention too so I went in front of Mom and opened my legs.

Her face was in front of my pussy and I could feel her breath on me as I grabbed the back of her head. I pushed her down and her mouth rubbed against it as Dad rammed into her. She stuck her tongue out and it slid over my lips as she tried to lick me. I put my hand on my pussy and put my middle finger inside it so I could rub my clit. I could see both of my parents from this angle and Dad looked so strong and desperate as he kept going.

Mom’s tongue pushed into my pussy and she rocked back and forth between me and Dad as she licked my juices up.

Twisting my fingers in her hair as I held her down and her tongue dove into me. She was good, she must have done this before because her tongue did long swipes that made me shiver. I rubbed my clit quickly as Mom ate my pussy and Dad grunted as he came. Mom buried her face in me and I pushed my hips up, face fucking her until I tensed up and came on her. When I was done Dad was watching us and Mom lifted her head up. My juices were all over her face and I was so turned on by it that I was ready to go again. Do you like it a little incestual? Call me and let’s role play!

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