Do you have a pantyhose fetish? No I mean like a more extreme type of fantasy, a pantyhose wearing fetish. Yea you can admit it, I know that it’s more than you are originally admitting to. Sure you do love a sexy Woman in a sheer pair of pantyhose but you also fantasize about wearing a pair of silky, soft hose yourself.

So why don’t you take it to the next level, past the fantasy and into the reality. When you call me I want you to have a pair of pantyhose with you. I don’t care if you borrow them from your Wife, Sister, Mother or if you have to go to the store and buy them yourself. Just do it. Then you can call me for pantyhose fetish phone sex.

Once you call and I know what erotic fantasies you have and I know that you’ve done your part and got a pair of Women’s pantyhose then I’ll demand that you put them on. Just do it… slip them on. Feel how silky and soft they are and how they get so tight against your skin. They encase you like armor while revealing everything more clearly.

You have a bit of a foot fetish too don’t you? I can imagine you sucking each and every one of my toes through my silky pantyhose. Your tongue plunging and darting, pushing the fabric between my toes. That is so sexy and so is how you kissed all the way up my legs to my pussy. I could see how hard your cock got when you saw my pussy lips through those pantyhose that I pulled super tight against them!

Now that you have pantyhose on, does it feel as amazing as you dreamed? Let me climb onto you and rub our pantyhose covered crotches together. That feels incredible doesn’t it. Why don’t you slide down and look at my pussy again. This time I want you to lick my clit while my pantyhose are still on.Pantyhose_Fetish

If you are a very good boy I might just let you rip a hole right through your pantyhose and fuck me while I keep mine on! I’ll make your panty hose fetish phone sex fantasy everything you want and need it to be. We’ve only just started and there are so many fun things we can do with a pair of silky pantyhose. Just call me and find out.

Call Pantyhose Princess Madison


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