Pantyhose Sniffing Stories

We ALL have secrets, but I want to know about the ones that you keep hidden. The kind of secrets that are so naughty that the thought of being exposed makes you weak in the knees. Whether you are wanting a way to get the weight of your secret off of your chest or you are looking for unbiased advice. True Sex Confessions are a great way to get that weight off of your shoulders. I recently posted a blog, asking you to submit your Real Sex Confessions. As a result, *Pantyhose Slave recently sent me an email, stating that his Pantyhose Fetish has gotten worse after reading one of my Pantyhose Sniffing

Pantyhose Slave’s Sex Confession


My real sex confession is that, I have always had a weird sex fetish that I have kept hidden from everyone in my life. I have a big Pantyhose Fetish and as a result of me hiding my fetish, it has only gotten worse over the years. A couple of months ago, after reading a few of your blogs; I was relieved to know that I am not alone. Keeping this secret from my close friends and family has not been an easy endeavor. Having Phone Sex with you has been the only way that I am able to live out my sexual fantasies without fear of being “outed” or ashamed.

Wearing pantyhose or using them during our phone sex chats brings me great pleasure, but my fetish is expanding. In addition, I have fanticized about sniffing your pantyhose during our phonesex sessions. Brittany, it would give me great pleasure if you would allow me to become your Pantyhose Slave. As your pantyhose slave, I will obey your every wish and every command.

Dear Pantyhose Slave,

First of all, I completely understand that you feel as though you have to keep your sex fantasies a secret. But, I can assure you that as a phone sex operator, your stocking fetish is not weird at all!

In your email, you mentioned that our phonesex calls help you to live out your sexual fantasies. When I read that you are able to explore your pantyhose fetish with me during phone sex it made me ecstatic!

As I previously mentioned on another blog; as my Submissive or Pantyhose Slave, you will be forced to fully submit to me. You and I will go into more details about that one on one. As for your fantasy of sniffing my pantyhose; well, I totally get it! I want you to imagine having a pair of my soft black nylons in your hands right now, a pair of my pantyhose that I’ve worn all day long. Now, close your eyes and rub my them over your face; slowly inhaling the sweet scent of my pussy. That makes your dick hard, doesn’t it? 😏

Let’s Create A Pantyhose Sniffing Story Of Our Own.

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