Pantyhose Lover: He Can’t Get Enough Of Me In My Tight Pantyhose

Pantyhose lover, is that you? Oh, I know, you can’t get enough of me in my pretty pantyhose. And you love the way they look on my body and the way they hug my ass. You want to buy all of my pantyhose, don’t you?

You’re such a pantyhose fiend. And you don’t know how to stop yourself! All you do is wear your pantyhose and call me to tell me how much you love seeing me in pantyhose. Your mind is so ingrained with the thought and picture of me wearing pantyhose that you lose your mind when you can’t talk to me.

All-day… the only thought in your mind is just pantyhose, you pantyhose lover! You’re thinking about me in pantyhose right now, aren’t you? Well, you know that means that you need to talk to me. I have all your pantyhose loving needs.

You know that you can also buy my pantyhose to wear them, sniff them, lick them, and jerk off with them as you please. I have plenty for you to buy! And I can wear them for days just for you… with no panties, if you wish.

Oh, look at you, touching yourself just to the thought of me wearing pantyhose! You even love the word pantyhose. Silly man, you have no power anymore… I have it all.

Your love of pantyhose will be the end of any control you have.

I’ll be brainwashing you and hypnotizing you. And you love every moment of me hypnotizing you! My pretty face, sweet voice, and the sexy hose will show you much I mean business. You silly man.

Are you sweating, panting, jerking your cock? Mmm, yes, my tight hose… just a snap of my waistband will have you mesmerized by me. And you’ll come back for more and more of me.

Soon you’ll be my own little slave just being driven nuts by my pantyhose. So, are you ready for that? To be my pantyhose lover slave? I know you are.

Your wife or girlfriend just can’t wear pantyhose as I do! Maybe she just isn’t into it, or maybe she’s too chubby, or maybe she just doesn’t let you sleep with her anymore. Pathetic! You can always come to me and see my sexy, round ass in a pair of tight hose.

I’ll lock you in a closet and make you wear hose, make you stop hanging out with your friends, make you beg for me to snap my waistband… and you’ll be all mine from then on. But, you like that, in fact, you LOVE it. There’s nothing wrong with you being obsessed.

 Tell me… how many pairs of my pantyhose do you want?

You know that you can’t resist that! Me wearing some pantyhose for a few days while I work out, maybe sleep in them, go on a date with them, really anything you want to be done to them, I will do. And the smell will be amazing. You might even be able to wear them.

Maybe you’ll want a pair of my smelly panties to go along with them! Those are nice as well and guys love to buy them from me. So, what are you waiting for? Put on those pantyhose, pick up the phone, dial me up and tell me “Bailey, I’m a pantyhose lover!”

I may laugh but you’ll love that. You’ve kind of always wanted someone who is gonna laugh at your little fetish with the hose. And I’d snap those pantyhose I have on and you’ll be under my spell. And you’ll come back and play as much as possible!

No, your fetish is not weird, it is no stupid, but it is very much valid and I respect that, of course. So, don’t think I’m laughing because it’s weird. I’m just laughing because I love to hear that sentence. And I will be waiting for your call.

You pantyhose lover… MY pantyhose lover. You’ll keep coming back to me for more fun, won’t you? Hehe! I know you sure will!

Want a bit of some fetish phone sex? Call me and we’ll have some fun!