Pantyhose Foot Domination

I had no clue about Pantyhose Foot Domination until I met my realtor. Seducing and controlling men has always been a turn on for me. But I had no idea just how intoxicating my long legs covered in seamless nylons and soft, manicured feet could be. That is until I met Ben. Ben is the charming, good-looking, and athletic realtor that a good friend of mine recommended. Little did I know that Ben had a secret foot fetish.

Shortly after we were married, my husband and I were house hunting. Because my husband’s job took him away for long periods of time, he was only able to view the first few houses with me and our realtor, Ben. While viewing the first few homes, my husband had his nose glued to his phone the entire time. Which left Ben and I the chance to view the homes and make small talk.

Freshly Painted Toes

Ben has impeccable taste and he knew exactly what I was looking for in my next home. He complimented me on my wardrobe. I was wearing a form-fitting red lace top, black pinstriped miniskirt, seamless black sheer nylon pantyhose, and black heels. He loved my new pair of Manolo Blahnik heels and how my red toenail polish coordinated with my outfit.

Our small talk quickly became flirtatious banter. I could tell that he was hesitant because my husband was with us and he was trying extremely hard to remain professional. But the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice told me that he wanted to do more to me than just flirt. Little did I know, Ben had pantyhose foot domination on his mind.

Foot Fetish

It was not until we were viewing the second home that I caught Ben staring a little too long at my feet. Shrugging it off, we continued on with the viewing. But by the time that we viewed the third home, I noticed his eyes practically bulging out of his head. As he soaked in the view of my pantyhose covered feet in my strappy black heels.

His eyes engulfed my toes and slowly made their way to my ankle, he licked his lips feverishly. He quickly readjusted himself and slyly hid his growing dick behind his briefcase. I chuckled to myself, thinking of all of the naughty things I could do with my new found knowledge about his foot fetish.

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