Does your Pantyhose Fetish consume your every being? It’s all you think about. You can’t help yourself. Like one of my callers, he couldn’t help himself either.  Finally, Eric’s stocking fetish of getting caught would be revealed.

Like a child on Christmas morning, Eric had all my sexy nylons spread across my bedroom floor. He was satisfied. Nothing could make this fantasy more complete.  He was only dressed in my silky black pantyhose when I caught him.   Like a pig in shit rolling around on the floor. He was embarrassed when he opened his eyes and saw me standing above him. The look on his face was priceless. My voice pierced his body, as he tried to get away.

Towering over him like a giantess goddess,  the fear of god filled his eyes. Eric knew he was in trouble.  He would be my BDSM bitch for the afternoon. Like a pig ready to be roasted I tied his hands and feet with my stockings. Slowly dragging his body over to the bed for his punishment. “Please Raven, I’m sorry.” squealed out of his mouth. I didn’t want to hear another word, as I shoved a pair of pantyhose into his mouth.

Eric couldn’t help himself now.  I left him on the bed for hours watching “50 Shades of Grey.” Anticipation of what would follow was driving him mad. This pantyhose fetish he developed over the years would be the death of him.  The more he wiggled to get free, his cock throbbed with pleasure. He couldn’t help himself. He was getting so turned on by the whole thing.

The thrill was killing him, as the pre-cum seeped from the head of his stocking covered pecker. Eric knew better than to shoot his load inside my silky pantyhose. It was torture not being able to rub one out. The friction of the pantyhose caused enough pleasure and pain for him to not lose his load. It was an afternoon he would never forget.

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Pantyhose Fetish

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