A Pantyhose Fetish is so sexy, I love slipping into a pair and feeling the silky soft material slide up my legs. 

 I know so many guys who have a Pantyhose Fetish and texted Aiden to come over for a little fun and hot sex because I bought a few new pairs and wanted to break them in. It makes me shiver and get all excited, it just says sex and class.

I answered the door wearing just a black bra and panties and told him I’d been waiting for him because I wanted to finish getting ready with him. We went to the bedroom and I made him get naked then sit on the edge of the bed. He has the biggest Pantyhose Fetish!

His little dick was already starting to get hard and he put his hand around it, slowly stroking it while he watched me. I opened a new pack of black pantyhose, grinning as I listened to the packet open and took them out. Unfolding them I sat on the bed, making sure there was enough space between us so he could get a good look at me.

I lifted one foot, pushing my foot into the pantyhose and slowly rolled it up to my knee. Then I scrunched up the other side and pushed my foot into it, rolling it up until they were both at my knees.

I stood up and bent over, showing him my ass then took my time straightening it, sliding the pantyhose the rest of the way up my legs.

It slipped over my skin and pressed lightly against my thighs as I brought it over my hips. They covered my ass and I turned to face him. “Do you like them? My pantyhose feel so soft.” I said as I ran my hands over my thighs.

I moaned then grabbed his hand, forcing him to touch me. The pantyhose made a soft rustling sound as he rubbed his fingers over the material and I let him enjoy it for a minute. I told him to lie down and he shifted on the bed, getting comfortable.

 Straddling his legs I crawled my way up his body, my pantyhose covered legs sliding across his bare ones.

When we were face to face I laid on top of him, rubbing my feet over his ankles as I asked him if he wanted to get a face full of my pantyhose.

Licking my lips when he nodded I got up so I could straddle his face.  I lowered myself on him and ground my pussy into his face. “You like that? Huh? It feels good, doesn’t it?” He held my ass in his hands, keeping me where he wanted me.

I stopped moving and pushed down, smothering him with my pantyhose covered pussy and ass. I could feel him moving around under me, trying not to freak out as it got harder to breathe.

His fingers dug into me as I put more weight on him and his face pressed into me. Easing up I could hear him breathing hard, gasping as he loosened his grip on me. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked knowing what the answer was and grinned when he shook his head.

 Sitting on his face for a few more minutes, I teased him by pressing down until he thought he was going to pass out then giving him a chance to breathe before doing it again. When I got bored of that I got off and headed for his dick.

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