Pantyhose Fetish- Ejaculating on Silky Smooth Legs Part I

Pantyhose Fetish. You enter my office and immediately your eyes are drawn to my beautiful shapely legs encased in pantyhose. You have always had a pantyhose fetish and immediately feel your cock getting hard in your pants. I can see you are well endowed and getting harder by the minute.

I smile a devious smile and relish in the thought of teasing you. So I bite my bottom lip and spread my legs wide. Your eyes widen in shock as you take in my pussy. The pantyhose that I am wearing have a cutout allowing easy access to my pussy.

I place my hands on my knees gently stroking my smooth thighs. A slight nod and that’s your cue to come closer. Three Steps and you’re standing in between my legs, our lips barely touching. I feel your hand moving in between us unleashing your cock; your other hand is caressing my leg indulging your pantyhose fetish. Finally I feel the warm head of your cock sliding up and down my thigh.

Our lips finally connect and our tongues dance around each other as your cock slowly slips into my dripping pussy. You inhale deeply nipping my bottom lip trying your best not to cum. This makes my smile.

You pick me up off the desk, turn me around and bend me over. You pull up my skirt exposing my beautiful pantyhose covered ass. Then you roughly poke a finger in my ass easily ripping my pantyhose. Using both hands you widen the hole.

To be continued…

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