Pantyhose Fetish- Extended version Part III- Ass Play

Pantyhose Fetish. “Go to My desk, once there, bend over and close your eyes.” You follow my instructions perfectly. I decide to reward you. I get on my knees behind you and spread your plump ass. Then I stick out my pretty little pink tongue and stab your anus.

You moan in pleasure. Your knuckles turn white from gripping the table.

“You like that? You little whore of course you do.” I say tauntingly. As I continue to tongue fuck your asshole I realize you have a virgin hole. This makes me smile inwardly. I have never had the privilege of popping a guy’s cherry. I must do this the right way. So I reach for my drawer and pull out my 12inch strap-on.

You have no idea what I am planning.

As I strap on my strap-on (lol) I spread your ass and drop large globs of spit using my finger to push it deep in your ass. Don’t get it twisted Papi, I am not doing that to save you from pain. If it where up to me I would fuck you dry. But I need to get all 12inches deep in you. My Pantyhose Fetish is getting its daily does as I run my hands over your encased legs.

Finally, I take the tip of my 12inch Black Dildo and I start to push the tip in. Fuck! Your ass is so tight the tip won’t go in. I spread your ass once again and this time I try pushing my index finger in. My perfectly stiletto shaped index nail glides right in. I reposition myself and on the count of three, I am going to shove the tip of this black dick in with all of my strength.



To Be Continued

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