Pantyhose Fetish, I admit I love everything about them!

Pantyhose fetish, yes I admit I have that! I have loved pantyhose since I was a young girl watching as my Mother slipped into hers. The way they look and feel is amazing. My Mother told me a lady always wears stockings.

As an adult I slide my legs into that silky hosiery I get a sense of completion. A soothing sensation as that material caresses my legs. I love thigh highs but the feel of the full-bottomed panties.

I remember my first time getting fucked while wearing my hose. We were in such a rush he tore the crotch open an thrust his dick into me, the sensation was amazing for both of us!

It was after that I started masturbating through them, massaging my clit and sliding my fingers over my pussy until my juices saturated the hose.

He fucking loved it!

Then I met a guy who wanted me to give him a footjob and I timidly asked him if I could wear my hose while doing it and he fucking loved it! Truthfully, I did too so much it made me wet without ever touching my pussy!

When I started experimenting with BDSM I loved the way I felt when he tied me to the headboard with my thigh high hose! The sensation of being bound by that stretchy yet strong material made me wet.

Recently, I have been asking for men to whip me with my hose. Yes, that is what I said! I want you to spank me over my whole body with my hose! Then allow me to slide my hand into it and wrap them around your cock and stroke you until you cum!

I punished his cock and balls with my hose!

I am very curious how it would feel to have my titties bound tightly with my hose? Perhaps I could even find a little sissy boy who needs to be punished and I could tie his cock and balls up with my hose! That sensation might be so exhilarating he would need to be very strong!

Do you like pantyhose, thigh highs or all things female? Give me a call I will tell you all the naughty things I do in and with my pantyhose! I love having sex while on the phone. Don’t be surprised if you hear tearing noises that is just me ripping my hose to shreds to get to my pussy! Don’t stress if I happen to not be available and that raging hard-on just won’t wait, no problem because here at phone sex kingdom our phone sex lines are always open!