Pantyhose Fetish- Ejaculating on Silky Smooth Legs Part III

Pantyhose Fetish. My orgasm is so intense I passed out. I wake up disoriented; I do not know how long I was out for. A sharp pain in my anus clears my head.  I am too exhausted to protest, instead, I try to relax my ass and enjoy the sensations.  I’m so turned on by your boldness that my pussy starts to get wet again. I can feel my juices running down my legs. I ask if you can see the juices as well, and you pause long enough to take it in. Your pantyhose fetish is being satisfied like never before.

You are fucking my ass in long slow strokes, gradually picking up the pace. Your hands are stroking my satin covered ass. You love how pretty my pussy and ass looks through my pantyhose, and can feel your testicles tightening.

You start fucking my ass in faster strokes your fingers tearing into my pantyhose ripping them to shreds.  You’re about to shoot your load deep in my ass but pull out instead. You want to cum all over my satin covered ass.

“Stop,” I say out of breath. I want you to wear these pantyhose. I am the one in control here. Peel these off me and put them on.

My eyes watch you’re every movement as you get up and gently peel the pantyhose off of me.

Do you enjoy being told what to do don’t you slave? Once you are done I am going to fuck that tight ass so good you won’t know what the fuck to do.

To Be Continued

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