Pantyhose Fetish- Extended version Part II- Ass Play

Pantyhose Fetish. “Stop,” I say out of breath. I want you to wear these pantyhose. I am the one in control here. Peel these off me and put them on.

My eyes watch you’re every movement as you get up and gently peel the pantyhose off of me.

Do you enjoy being told what to do don’t you slave? Once you are done I am going to fuck that tight ass so good you won’t know what the fuck to do.

I watch intently as you bend over putting your big feet into my pantyhose. I can tell you have done this before. So I make my way over to you unable to hold back any longer.  So I spit on my finger drawing up phlegm from the back of my throat. I place that spit right on your anus forcing two of my fingers in your intensely tight hole. This makes you stiffen and pause your actions.

“I have not told you to stop, slave,” I say sternly. Meekly you resume the process. Your anus tenses and clamps down almost painfully around my fingers. I harshly slap your ass, through gritted teeth I tell you to loosen up your grip or else.

You immediately obey and as my fingers slip out of your anus you finish pulling the pantyhose up over your firm ass.

“Go to My desk, once there, bend over and close your eyes.” You follow my instructions perfectly. I decide to reward you. I get on my knees behind you and spread your plump ass. Then I stick out my pretty little pink tongue and stab your anus with. I’m going to make you regret your pantyhose fetish.

To Be Continued

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