I love a little subbie with a Pantyhose Fetish!

Pantyhose fetish, it’s more common than a lot of people think. Depending on the group, nearly 2/3 of men are more attracted to women when they wear pantyhose! Really who could blame them, though? Pantyhose makes everyone’s legs look great!

I love the way my legs look in pantyhose, so I don’t mind when men want to worship my legs. My legs feel so soft and smooth in them, it’s really no wonder they want to rub against them-with many different body parts ūüėČ

I have a good friend who has one. He loves it when I dominate him while in pantyhose. I make him stay on his knees and rub and kiss my legs. Sometimes I let him eat my¬†pussy if I’m feeling generous or especially horny.

He knows my pantyhose stay on when we play. I love playing with him, but I NEVER let him fuck me. If he wants to cum, he is only allowed to fuck my stockinged feet. I also rarely let him get up from up on his knees, anyway!

He comes over and gets right down on his knees (he knows the drill by now). Then I let him crawl over to where I am sitting. he usually starts by kissing my heels and kissing up my legs. As he moves up my legs, he begins to massage them as well.

Some days, this is when he starts to stroke his cock, too.

If it’s a stroking day, once he’s hard, he takes my shoes off and kisses my feet. He loves to smell them, too! After he’s done kissing them, he likes to press them together and slide his cock in between. I don’t even have to do anything, he holds my¬†feet together and fucks them while I sit there.


Do you have a pantyhose fetish?

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