Pantyhose Fetish: Your eyes haven’t left my pantyhose encased legs since you walked in here

Pantyhose Fetish: What is it about those shiny tan pantyhose on a sexy pair of long legs like mine that make your cock twitch? I love getting all dressed up to go out on the town with my silky sexy pantyhose and stilettos. Do you think I can’t see you looking me up and down at the bar? Your eyes haven’t left my pantyhose encased legs since you walked in here

I can see your cock bulging through your pants when I finally suggest we get outta here and head back to my place. Once I get you home, the real fun begins. I sit you on the couch while I do a little strip tease for you. I turn around and slide down my dress revealing my black leather corset with my waist high tan shiny pantyhose and heels. Turning around I give you a frontal view and your eyes start at my heels and move all the way up my long legs.

The look on your face when you see my wet pussy through my pantyhose. I push you back on the couch with my foot and I rub my hose covered feet all over your face and body. I love putting my pantyhose covered feet in your face and make you suck my toes.

Your cock drips with pre-cum when I rip a hole in the crotch and push my soaking wet pussy into your face. Mmmm.

Now lets put some silky sexy pantyhose on your legs babe. I want you to know how good it feels. Legs entwined, sooo hot, holes in the crotch, you inside me…ecstacy.

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