Panty Sniffing Lesbian: I Caught Her With My Dirty Panties In Her Hands

Panty sniffing lesbian was at my house and I caught her! Yeah, even girls get into sniffing panties and some even sneak in through windows just to smell them! Let’s get into the story about this time my lesbian neighbor was caught sniffing my panties. I promise it’s pretty interesting.

So, I met one of my neighbors that just moved in. She’s a pretty cute lesbian, kinda more on the femme side but she has told everyone that she is a lesbian. She’s cool and everything so no problems there. But, she did keep looking at me and licking her lips.

I didn’t really think anything of it and went back to my house to take a shower. I had my windows open because it was a breezy and nice day so I didn’t bother to close them. And I didn’t think anyone could see me as I stripped down to my nudie pants. So, I get into the shower and start lathering up.

About 20 minutes in I turn off the shower and hear some shuffling going on. I think it’s my cat but NOPE! It’s my neighbor and she has my panties in her hands and she’s smelling them. A panty sniffing lesbian, never did I think that… but, there she is!

I grab her by her skirt and say “What in the fuck are you doing in here?” She squeals and says “I’m so sorry… I just think you’re so pretty and wanted to know what you smell like!” Grabbing her by the arm I say “So, you sneak into my house to sniff my panties?!”

She couldn’t help but smile and say “Yes, they smell lovely by the way.”

I throw her up against the wall and my towel falls down. “Ugh, I am so angry right now! But, you’re also really hot so… what can I do?” And I kiss her soft, pink lips. She kisses me back and grabs a hold of my ass and squeezes and spanks.

It’s been a while since I’ve had pussy and I was so fucking excited just to taste her. She throws me onto my bed and immediately rips off her t-shirt and skirt, revealing she was wearing nothing underneath. Her body is so hot! She has big tits and a round ass perfect for spanking.

She straddles me and I grab her tits, sucking on them like I was searching for milk. She lies down next to me upside-down and we 69 suck on each other’s nipples. My god is it hot! I wish I had my phone at the time to snap a picture.

Then she reaches and pulls my lower body close to her face. I reach for her lower body as well and immediately go straight to her pussy. Kissing it all over and then splitting it open with my tongue and sucking her clit. And I feel her just going to town on my pussy!

I spread my legs further and she sticks her tongue inside of me and tastes my juices. Moaning I stick my tongue inside of her and taste how sweet and juicy she is. When they say nectar of the gods this is what they must be talking about! Sweet, sweet pussy juice.

She then asks “Do you have a strap?”

I nod and point to the top dresser drawer. She reaches in and slips it on. She then tells me to put my ass up in the air for her and I obey, letting her spread my legs a little to see my cute little pussy. She spanks me and then slips the dildo inside of me.

I moan as I feel her start to thrust in and out of me. She grabs my hair and says “Yeah, take it you fucking whore. Be a good slut for me and cum.” And I immediately feel my pussy tense up and I cum all over the dildo.

She lies down next to me and kisses me and I finger her pussy until she squirts all over my white sheets. She’ll be coming over again soon she says. I may even let her play with my app controlled vibrator.

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